TEXT TOPIC: Did your start up biz fail?

wife & I started a clothing company. Lasted us only a few months. Lesson, have a lot of capital & focus whole on what you start.

my friend and I started a face painting business. If failed because parents did not want to pay to have us at birthday parties. Tips aren't enough

This is Robert thanks for sharing the topic. My business failed due to cash flow problems and wasn’t able to properly prep for slow seasons and undependable drivers

dad's construction biz in '08. Bankrupt during recession. Tip 1) high capital 2) unique/ specialized/sensible biz 3) be able to do high qty biz

Esthetics business over 10 years ago. It was hard bringing in new clients. Got burned out working with clients who didn’t want to pay and clients who would book a waxing service but would come in wanting sexual favors instead. Quit business and never looked back.

went into business 50-50 and partner didn't do their share of the work but wanted half the money

Custom apparel and gear business Failed and restarted Failed because I couldn't say no to some jobs- saying no isn't the end of the world

Husband bought a company with a partner and the partner is not all in and just wants us to pick up the slack. When you start a company you have to eat sleep and drink it. Some people have it some people don’t. People want the reward but don’t understand the time it takes to get it going.

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