TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?


It’s funny how for years I begged you to do certain things and now it’s cool enough to start doing them with someone else as soon as we separated. I hope throwing away 10 years was worth it.

katie keep my name out your mouth. I don’t care that you don’t like me. Trust me the feelings mutual

so many people don't vote, and many of them complain about that outcomes. If you vote then may be the outcome will be different get out there and vote!

Hey in-laws don’t ask me questions about myself if you’re going stop listening mid sentence while looking at your phone, looking around, or let your kids interrupt! I always give all of you my full attention!

yes we have 2 kids but they aren't the reason for all my crazy health issues. Something is wrong with me! Please take me seriously and help me figure it out

Keep you home drama at home, those that work with you are sick of your negative grumpy ass. Grow up stop being lazy and just do your damn job

to the people merging 215 to I15 at 5. STOP cheating and going through the exit lane and merging last minute, do you really think I am dying to waitin line? NO WAIT UOUR TURN

every car in America is equipped w/a blinker. Use it so you don't get hit by me when you suddenly decide my lane is better. Thanx

You dont even try as a manager and you make us do all your duty work. we cant wait til you're gone.

really really hate my bigot boss! Can''t wait to start my new job next month. He''s one of the most arrogant people I''ve ever met! Always thinking he''s better than everyone. Never puts in his 40 hours. Hoping the next boss is nothing like him!

To the a hole that wouldn't let me over, I got my revenge and just cut you off F you!!

how are you going to be in management but not be able to help your associates when they have questions and have rcvd no training then blame them for not performing

You wanted to work on our relationship mom so I did I invited you to Thanksgiving... And then I hear that you threw your own one and didn''t invite me f*** you

I shouldn't have to open a credit card or take out a loan to your hospital just to get the treatment I need

Dear husband - you re words are cruel & impossible to forget, they haunt me. Even when i forgive you I can''t forget. If I had enough money & another place to move I d leave you long ago.

take care of you animals. chip and collar your damn pets. Tired of seeing them running around the streets with no identification!!

hey ex wife child support is for kids not supporting your habits

Sorry you are having a rough time but don''t be rude and a Debbie Downer when ever you are around people. Just stay home instead of bringing everyone around you down.

stop crying about your husband working too much. You bought a house you can't afford AFTER you quit your job!!

You are 20 years older than me. Act your age. Stop making everything about you everywhere you go. Your kids and grandkids are more mature than you. Grow up neighbor!

you're disgusting for sleeping with my friends after I gave you a daughter. You're a slob and I hate you

how hard is it to understand that my surgery restricts my eating now Stop asking the same stupid questions!

You need to express your feelings before you lose me and your best friend and lover.

Why don't you stop complain about your Commission check being so small maybe if you actually stayed at your desk and actually comes work you would get paid

to all bicycles stop putting your lights on strobe mode, that blinds driver or can give seizures. #dumbass

don''t be a road rager. It doesn''t help anyone. We all have someplace to be. Let''s get there safely by being human to each other. I have twin baby girls to get home to. Don''t be a d!

Stop saying your kids are a priority. You''ve been gone hunting 30 out of the last 42 days. Haven''t taken them for a weekend for over 2 months. There''s more to being a dad than a paycheck

Stop being so negative! You make everyone miserable. If you hate children and teaching that much, maybe you shouldn't be a teacher anymore!

You''re 32,have a bachelors degree and a good job. Just because you made a bad choice and your baby daddy left, stop expecting your dad to take care of you! Stop hating everyone and grow up!

you're old and your a gm but yet you're being a two face and causing drama. Come on you're a gm.

To my roommate, if the garbage is full, don't pull up the side of the bag to stack more, take out the damn trash!

If you expect someone to help you Maybe you should be nice to them. Kindness goes a long . Retail is hard enough without you Being demanding and rude.

to the guy at University GYM with the stripey sleeves, I saw you making fun of me. Luckily, I''m in good mental health, but people have killed themselves over less.

Hey Boss ur trip to Europe is NOT a business exp. We're losing $ & killing ourselves cause u won't replace people who have left. Do ur part to help.

If I see your two unattended dogs poop in my yard one more time, I''m going to start leaving their turds on your porch. Just because we can''t have fences in this neighborhood, it doesn''t mean everyone''s yard is free game. At least pick up their poop if they go in someone else''s yard!

Drives me crazy when people take advantage of things intended to help disabled people. Last week at the post office a "thoughtful" person dropped off someone & waited, blocking both handicap spots. When I came out someone else had dropped someone off & was waiting IN one of the handicap spots - if you can run in quickly you can do it from a non handicapped spot

You're not a DJ, no one comes to work to hear your twangy music. If our customers on the other line can hear your music, IT'S TOO LOUD!

you set me up on a blind date then tell me to back off because you like him....well guess what I'm not backing off, may the best man win.

hey new coworkers, I'm getting tired of doing your work while you do some online shopping or are always in social media. Is this why I was hired?!

stop complaining about my commission check, huh? Maybe if I was sleeping with my boss like you, I wouldn't have to worry.

Your husband works his butt off and you're always complaining about how you're struggling financially but yet you won't get off your a** and get a job

inlaws stop having a say in my step kids. I take care of!!! U aint here taking care of them and providing u think having a say or being there aunt gives u a right to say anything!!! Nope

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