TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?



I don't like my sister's fiance. I hope they break up.

The thought of cheating on my hubby or him on me makes me sick, but seeing people cheat in movies or on tv turns me on more than anything!

Secretly glad my son's dad is in prison so i can raise him without his dad's interference

Have a secret bank account with over 40k. Once I hit 50k I'm leaving her ass.

I'm madly in love with my fianc's childhood best friend. And I don't know what to do.

ill never forgive my husbands family for not attending my first baby shower. Plus it was their first grandchild too.

I go to an opiode clinic and claim to be sober since Feb 17, reality I still use, but I''m trying to quit. A functional addict is the worst kind. I hate myself at the moment but I''m working on really quiting =)

I want you two to get divorced. Not because I want to be with him but because you never treated him right. You don't deserve him.

I'm in love with my best friends sister. Ever since the day I met her she's been on my mind..... 9 years now

found out my dad has a son from when he was in high school. I''m 30 and found out when I snooped on my moms Facebook messages. I''m secretly disgusted that this child is a secret. But I''ve never told anyone that I know, not even my husband.

If I would have know how awful my husbands kids are I may not have married him.

I have been talking to my ex from high school for about 5 years. We talk bad even sexually. We only talk via email. I am married and he is engaged.

I attempted suicide over ten years ago, but now I''m a social/crisis worker and preach no mental health stigma as long as no one else knows my own history of it.

a month ago my ex was sending me d snaps and asking for pics cuz he loves my body so I obliged. He of course loved it. I later told him this makes me feel badly and I unfriended him on snap. I found out he recently got engaged to the girl he started date while I was dating him. Ops shouldn’t have sent those pics.

struggle every single day with thoughts of taking my life. I am exhausted.

I was raped and manipulated by a man who is a campaign manager for someone who is running in this election. I just told my husband about it and we''ve been together 10 years.

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