TEXT TOPIC: What did you believe as a kid that isn't true?

When I was little, my cousin told me if you swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon would grow in your stomach.

My parents always told me as a kid if I turned the light on in the car well they were driving they would get pulled over and go to jail only to find out now in my 20s that it was all a LIE! Lol

my husband has an old Halloween picture of him dressed as a pirate. One day he put my hoop earring in his ear and brought out the picture and convinced our kids that he used to be a pirate when he was younger.

I grew up believing a rattlesnake didn''t bite you, it attacked you with its "rattler". I literally thought this to be true into my 30''s. My husband overheard me telling my kids and started laughing hysterically

Had a dog whose leg was hurt by an elk Woke up one day she was gone. Parents said she ran away. Found out as adults that they had to put her down.

dad had me convinced that I had to change the winter air to summer air in my tires

hubby saw a rat at Pizza place and his bros told him the white circles in pepperonis are rat tails. He couldn't eat pepperoni for years!

My dad said that the ladder on the back of vans led to a rooftop swimming pool. I finally climbed up one... in my swimsuit... so disappointed.

believed goldfish lived for years. I would go with my dad to the pet store with my "Sick" fish in a zip lock and a few min later I had a healthy fish

My friends parents told the kids if they unscrewed their belly button there butt would fall off, when they would misbehave the parents would get out of screwdriver and the kids would freak.

told my kids that there was a mommy dot on their foreheads that only mommy''s could see. If they told lies - it would light up. They got so that they would come and show me their foreheads when they knew they weren’t lying. They were so mad when they found out it wasn’t true..

When I was younger I would go out at night a lot to play basketball at the playground and my mom said if I wasn’t back in a time a monster named the Cucuy would get me. It was a monster that kidnapped kids in the dark if they don’t make it home in time. So when I saw street lights turn on I would run home so fast to not be taken! And one time my uncle dressed up as one to pretend to kid nap me #Scarred

Until I was in my 20''s I believed chickens were all girls and turkeys were all boys. Who knew there were both sexes of both birds

thought that the lines on the TV marking where the next down was it was actually on the field and not just the TV

At 12, I was learning to shave for the first time. My sister told me I could get aids if I shaved with an old razor. I was so terrified and paranoid and didn’t find out it was a lie until I was 17 or 18. She’s awful!

Got up took shower at aunts house. went to blow dry hair. She said if you breathe the hot air from the blow dryer then you’ll get cancer. I still hold my breath while blow drying!

my dad told me I had to talk to the mailbox and tell it where letters were going, or they wouldn't get there. Got suspicious when no one else read

daughter 3 convinced that her older sister once had a longer tongue but I cut it off using special tongue scissors. Desperate mom,

One summer I watched Jaws with my older brother and it made me scared to death of sharks. We went on a vacation to Bear Lake and he told me there were sharks in the lake. I believed him for years!!

My mom told my sister and I that having sex before you were married would make you fat!

thought that Alaska was just off on it's own in the ocean like Hawaii I had no idea it was actually connected to North America until about six months ago

told my daughter that pigs don''t sweat when she was little, as a joke. She was in science in 7th grade and they were talking about pigs. My daughter chimed into the class conversation and told the class that pigs don''t sweat.... needless to say she was PISSED at me and the whole class laughed

my sister said we were related to Donny Osmond and I told everyone throughout elementary. Ah- it's not true !

My dad used to tell me that the little embrasures you get underneath your nail bed that are white were from telling lies. He would look at our hands and see how many white lies we had told. I would be thinking and thinking if I had told a lie. I was the adult before I found out what causes P marks

my name is Adrian. I''m female. My mom told me as a kid that I was named after Adrian Dantley. I always thought it was pretty cool because the jazz retired his jersey. While sitting at a game w/ my mom not long ago, I looked up his career.. he didn''t start playing ball until 1yr after I was born. Mom!

dad told me people who would swear weren't very smart because they can't find better words to express their thoughts

My friend moved here from California and one day said & Why do some people call them pheasants and some people call them dear?

wait! The light in the car won't get you pulled over? I totally believed that! I'm 42!

When I was 6, parents friends told me my mom out herself through college working at Hooters. I grew up idolizing the y''all, pretty blonde women like my mom. I''m now 26 and was telling a relative at a family party my mom worked there and she was in shock and corrected me. Her friend had told me to be funny.

told my kids when they were little that pop with stunt their growth. Everybody wanted to be tall so my kids would not even consider drinking pop until they realized I was lying to them when they got older!

Convinced my brother that chocolate milk came from brown cows and that white male came from White cows. Well where does strawberry milk come from? Lol

told my younger brother that he was a adopted and that his biological family last name was the booger's

my friend and I were on a road trip and we drove through the no services sign she said "oh crap, I should have called my husband earlier" she thought you wouldn''t have cell service in those parts of where the state was. She is 32

my dad named Corbin convinced me he was Tyrone Corbin that played for the Jazs

asked my step dad what his Adam's apple was. He said he swallowed a toothbrush as a kid.

told my kids that if they picked their noses their brains would leak out of their nostrils.

never corrected my kids when they called Shasta shawsta so funny they both got mad at Me when they were older

my son was little and would tug and pull in his little business in the bath, I told him if he keeps pulling on it hard it will fall off

told my lil brother if he wherr to go on a rollercoaster and but his hands up he will fall out

when I was little my dad would say open sesame to the garage and it would open. When I got older I asked how he did that, he said he had a garage opener in his pocket

my grandma used to tell us that eating the crust on bread would make her hair grow

growing up my dad made me believe that If my car got too many miles on it, it would literally blow up. I was always terrified of my car exploding onroad trips!

My oldest siblings convinced me I was an adopted Mexican since I was born with a darker skin tone.

my brothers told me they eat real Panda at Panda Express =" pandas are my favorite animal

up until about 6 months ago, I always thought "key lime" was kiwi lime. I had no idea that key limes were limes and there was NO kiwi involved. AndI''m 38.

when I was 7 I asked my grandma how old she was, she told me she was the same age as my mom, 29. I believed it until I learned about the reproductive system and realized that she couldn''t be the same age.

My mom told us putting chicken bones in the disposal sharpened the blades. The hell?

my mom told me that if I rubbed frozen spoons on my boobs, they would grow. Every night for about 6 months I would do that, onlyto find out IT DOESNT WORK. Obviously = I was so gullible!

In my early teens, someone told me a necklace clasp was called a "boob." I believed this for about 10 years until told otherwise a couple years ago

my friend in high school told me buffalo wings came from a buffalos that they were off the back of the legs and people would clip them off so they could not fly anymore and that is how buffalo wings got their name! And I totally believed it up into when I started to date my boyfriend and I told him the story and he laughed in my face and told me the truth

always thought if you went up in a plane you could see the outline of the states. When I told my boyfriends mom that she replied "oh no sweetie, you''d have to be in a satellite to see that!" Hahaha!!

My mom told me the bumps on my tongue were lied bumps every time I told him lie I got bumps

The turn signal indicator in my car started blinking really fast when I would use it. My dad told me my blinker fluid was low and I needed to go haveit checked. The guys at jiffy lube had a good laugh.

told my kids when the ice cream truck plays music it means they are out of ice cream- they never ran away from me to go up to the truck. Heeeheee- they''re ok even now that they are young adults. Family joke!

my mom told me that if I sat on the drain in the bathtub my intestines would come out.

my mom told me touching my wiener would make me go blind. Later I told her I would just do it till I needed glasses

love you guys. My parents tild me that when a toy did not work because of battery. They dont make that kind if battery anymore.

always thought gunpoint was an actual place and wondered why people kept going there

my mom told us that the burgers at Artic Circle were made of kangaroo. Cannot eat there to this day.

told my sister that your ear wax was actually your brain juice. She believed me for several years. She was 20 at the time Itold her.

my dad had me convinced Michael Jordan was my uncle. Never put it together why I never met him

My mom taught me pig Latin and when I was in 2nd grade the teacher asked if anyone knew another language. I raised my hand and told everyone I could speak pig Latin. She told me it wasn''t a language. I fought her on it for a few minutes but she would not relent.

told my kids and my niece and nephew that there were little people inside our heads holding our ears on. our nose on, and our eyes in When they grabbed their heads that was all I needed it was hilarious I know bad deal

loved baths when I was little and my sister would undo the plug and tell me the tornado would get me. Believed it for years and still when I see itI won''t touch them.

mom used to tell us we were adopted and we believed her until she started saying she kicked over a cow pie & there we were

My dad told me if I eat black toast hair will grow on my chest. I told my Sunday School teacher.

my parents made me believe when I was younger that Washington DC was in Washington state, after 20 years I just found out it isn''t

My mother told me the full moon would follow me home. So on a drive from Fort Collins Colorado to Laramie Wyoming I watched the moon follow us all the way home. I was terrified!

sister told me you could get pregnant by sitting on toilets

My sister convinced me that everyone in the world has a twin somewhere else in the world. I argued that "truth" with a 6th grade teacher before I realized I''d been duped!!

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