TEXT TOPIC: Why are you mad at your spouse right now?

Why are you mad at your spouse right now?

We both work full time, but hubby doesn't help around the house, then brought more animals home but still doesn't help with them

hub thinks it's funny to give cloak & dagger directions to meet up with him. Funny when dating. Not funny in rush hour w/ hungry kiddos

my husband spent almost $2000 in Hawaii after getting paid the day before I was scraping money together to pay the bills

he left my sunroof open last night so I got to come out to soaking wet seats this morning. Would be more annoyed than mad if I didn''t tell him ALL the time to close the damn thing. Ugh!

26 weeks pregnant with the flu... hubby is mad that I didn''t keep up with housework this week after working with the flu all day, when he came home and did nothing but binge Netflix... MEN

Hubs joked about how I wouldn't be a good mom bc I grew up w/ an absent mom. Tried to retract the joke, but subconsciously I know he meant it.

My husband is ALWAYS playing that stupid Jurassic World pokemon go like game on his phone. And when he''s in the car, he''s always making me drive around to neighborhoods to catch stupid dinosaurs. I hate it! I''ve had to tell him that he come with me ONLY if he doesn''t catch dinosaurs

I walked around the neighborhood with the kids trick or treating while he followed us slowly in the van

me and my husband had a nothing fight for like 5 days this week. I don''t even know what it was about

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