TEXT TOPIC: Who is the lazy person in your family?

my sister is terrible with working. She’s 27 with two children and cannot keep a job for more than 2-4 weeks. She’ll always come down with some crazy sickness for weeks at a time to have an excuse to quit. Can’t stay long enough to get healthcare coverage and racks up medical bills she can’t pay. 37 jobs in her lifetime!

my sister. 27 years old. No job for at least a year. Lives with mom and dad but doesn’t help around the house and hasn’t kept a job for more than 6months. #passiveagressivewednesday

my husbands brother has never had a job says he has anxiety and can't work so he plays video games all day

my husband. His Aunt has "died" at every job he's had. Mind you that 15 times in the last 2 years. Let her RIP!

My sis. She needs the $$, but she home schools her kids so she has an excuse not to work

it has taken my wife 25 months to get through a 15 month cosmetology degree. Calling in sick once or twice a week for who knows what

my uncle! He keeps getting new jobs. His family is always struggling financially. So logically they prayed and decided to have another kid. Wtf

my 28 year old sister refuses to get a job. Because my mom enables her.

my sisters husband always calls into work at least once a week. It’s always either a headache or stomach hurts. My Sister has had to get a second job to be able to catch up on the bills because his checks are never a full paycheck

I was the lazy one in the family. Grew up Nigeria, never liked farming. Told mom I can only do farming in the US cause it's easier there #LameXcuse

my two brother-in-laws. Enough said

My uncle is 50 years old, doesn't have a job, and still lives with my grandmother as a moocher.

My brother in law is SO LAZY!!! He only works 1 - 2 days a week and currently is taking an unpaid leave while my sister is working 2 jobs. So lame

I'm the lazy one in my family because i just won't get a job as long as i can go without one haha

Out of six kids I’m the only one that has a career

Lazy A, 30+ niece! Can’t work, is borderline everything mental. Major Anxiety around people until there’s a party or gossip. 70+ sugar daddy takes care of her, ugh!

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