TEXT TOPIC: What is your scary Halloween text?

lived in a house for 8 yrs Always saw shadow figures heard footsteps outside my room at night finally moved when I started being held down

Care Center in Roy is haunted. Same little girl is seen right before someone dies.

my sons are 6 yrs apart. About the age of 5 they both have claimed they saw a lady in a white dress walking around. An old woman died in our house

When I was 18 i got home from a long day at work and laid down in the hallway. A white apparition came out of my sisters room walked to me then in to the bathroom i screamed for my parents

My daughter used to always say there was a black monster growling at her in the corner. N always would point n cry at THE BOY THE BOY! Nothing wz there

we had a little boy who would follow me around growing up. We would hear a rocking chair at night. Later found out a little boy drowned in our pond before we moved there

When I was a 1 year old, my mom or dad came up to see why I was giggling so much in their room. When they asked who I was playing pick a boo with I said grandpa. My grandpa died earlier that day and no one was in the room with me.

we lived in a haunted house as a kid. Doors open and close, plates would fly across the room, and at night you could see a younger guy and girl

Woke up for no reason and a creepy smiley man in a top hat popped up in front of my face, right in front of me, and I couldn’t move, then he faded away, but I could still feel him in the room, I couldn’t move for hours after that

few years back we were having a Halloween party at my mother in laws. When we heard Xmas music down stairs. We all went down and the music stopped the boom box wasn’t even plugged in

I think my moms house is haunted, just recently they started hearing their names being called in the middle of the night. My sister heard someone screaming in the night only to go in the room and not see anyone. My father swears that someone comes every night and sits in the corner of his bed

when my daughter was 4 she said mommy remember when you fell down the stairs when you was 2? #creepy

In Tahoe on a family vacation. My family shared a room. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I saw a man standing at the end of my bed, didn’t think anything of it and went back to bed. The next day my daughter said she woke up and thought she saw a man in the room. I didn’t even tell her what I saw.

nieces and nephews refuse to sleep over at grandparent's house. Claim it's haunted. Baby under 1 screams the entire time she's visiting.

My hubs went to Baltimore for work. Stayed at an old hotel. Woke up one night to a woman staring at him at the foot of his bed. Dishes would rattle too.

Every night we here are sliding door open and close we also hear people talking and stomping but no one's out

my 10-month-old little baby girl woke up one morning waving and saying Hi towards the ceiling. Lasted for at least a minute.

My sis was alone at home she was in the front front about to fall asleep when she heard the gate opened she looked out the windows and saw my other sister coming through the gate. She waited for my sister to knock before she opened the door she was dozing off when she looked up and saw a person staring at her around the corner of the room. It was not my sister. She screamed and ran out of the house.

when I visited a reservation I saw a skinwalker

parents moved to a home in Logan. For the first 2 months every morning all the kitchen cabinets and drawers were wide open. Also the dryer ran randomly.

i was around 8 or so my brother was gone and he had a waterbed so of course we wanted to sleep in his room. My sister and I couldnt sleep so we turned on the tv and started watching it. minutes i was asleep. I heard her asking if i was asleep but i didnt answer. She got up to turn off the tv, there was a whip sound and i woke up bawling complaining about my back and she looked at it and there was a big red mark going down it. I remember feeling something behind me when it happened to.

just the other day my tv changed channels. I asked my 3 year old what had happened. He said it wasn’t me it was him and pointed to our rocking chair giggling.

last house we would hear foot steps in the hall. Daughter once saw a tall skinny shadow of a man walk into her bedroom late one night.

we were driving though a reservation and a man like creature was running along our car. My ex husband is native and they''ve had many Experiences withskin walkers. They''re definitely real and terrifying

my sorority house was hella haunted. Doors slam, lights turned off if we were breaking rules.

Was making out with my now hubby & in our chapter room (big no no) and the TV turned on. Go Kappa Delta!

Woke up from a nightmare with a figure glaring at me with no eyes. 15 years later I still remember the image.

my old house was haunted. One of the scarier memories is my cousin''s came over to play and we were playing " haunted house" in the garage and my cousin screamed and we tuned and looked into the car and there were a scary man waiving at us. BIG creapy smile. We ran

In my teens, I was asleep in my bed but something woke me, I felt something evil and rolled to see a man, all in black, staring out of my closet (5ftaway). Instantly I placed my hand on my dog and felt a peace go thru my body. Never saw him again.

we had things being moved, slamming doors, shadows, dogs scared of nothing, voices and sleep paralysis. Went to see a medium and she said to sayout loud that it is not welcome and must leave. Activity has significantly decreased.

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