TEXT TOPIC: What did you never learn to do?

As an adult, I'm embarrassed to say I cannot whistle.

cannot for the life of me shuffle a deck of cards. My 10 year old even teases me! I'm not coordinated I guess. Ha!

can't whistle and I can't wink. So doing a sexy wink they are asking me....is something in your eye, what's wrong??

Have a really good friend who never learned how to type, I noticed it the other day that he was just using two fingers at work. He still pretty fast but still he never learned

Can't parallel park. Oh, I try. But I suck. It takes ten realignments and adjustments to be semi-okay. I will park a block away to avoid it.

can't type or spell

I'm 41 years old and can't ride a bike. My husband and 3 kids go riding without me. My parents tried for years to teach me and then had to give up.

I'm an adult and I still don't know how to figure out which months have 30 days and which have 31 days

I'm an adult and I can't swim. Can't even float. I sink like a rock.

can't fold my laundry to save my life

can't ice skate, roller skate, or rollerblade! I could when I was younger but now I'm too scared!

I'm 42 and I can't swim and I can't read maps. I suck!

can't say the word wolf haha just can't get that L in there

I'm 32 years old took swimming lessons for 8 years still can't swim.

I'm an adult and I don't know how to flip an egg. It always splatters everywhere and makes an effing mess!

can't hula-hoop.

Can't read a measuring tape

As an adult, I can't really count money. I have struggled with it since 2nd grade. I also cant snap... my kids tease me...

can't go to the doctors by myself

can't drive stick shift

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