TEXT TOPIC: Who do you know that wears clothes that don't fit? Is it you?

I’m totally that person that wears clothes that don’t fit but I had my son I suddenly lost all my weight and some so all clothes are too big >&< &@ slowly trying to buy new ones lol

my sister refuses to wear size L or anything double digits for pants. She is close to 200 lbs. Definitely should wear a different size

My big bro is really built and wears shirts that look like they're our lil bros. I refuse 2 buy him a size small, even tho that's what he likes.

MY clothes don''t fit! My wife won''t let me buy new clothes until I get into shape. I told her that even a pear is a shape. Tight enough that you can tell when my chest is cold and possible plumber''s crack on other occasions.

hubs wears clothes that r too big. never wears anything slim fit. His parents passed on their body insecurities. He's not fat, but he thinks he is

my sister! She's tiny and she wears clothes that are too big. If she likes a shirt and they only have a large she buys it anyway.

it's me. I don't want to admit that I'm going above an XL size. It's hard for me to admit to myself I'm getting bigger than I'd like to be

We have a lady at work who wears her pants at least two or three sizes too small she wears small shirts and she’s a larger woman so to say the least her muffin top is always hanging out or you can always see her underwear and she also wears those burn out tops that you can see right through

I wear clothes that don't fit right. My fat belly makes me plus size but the rest of me is normal size. Clothes just do not fit right.

My brother in law is not a small man. His tshirts were so tight if he''d breathe heavy they''d rip. I would call him baby gap

sister-in-law always wear pants that were too tight and give her a muffin top but now that she lost weight all her pants fit right maybe it was 4 motivation

my boss dresses like she''s still in high school and she''s been graduated for 20 plus years she''s in denial that she''s gained some weight and she''s still wearing shirts that would have fit her as a 16 17 year old

my sister-in-lawShe has gained over 100 pounds in the last year that we''ve known her but still tells us to get medium size clothing items for Christmas. It''s super awkward because medium didn''t really fit in the first place

I'm the person who wears clothes that don't fit. I've lost 115 lbs and haven't wanted to spend money on clothes until I'm done losing weight. #wakeupcall

currently wearing a size 30 and I need to wear a 34! Buttons undone for comfort

my husband has to wear pants that are three sizes too big for him he is over 40. He wore pants 10 sizes too big for him when he was a teenager and he''s trying to reproduce that.

My "little" sister is close to 200lbs and insists she wears a "petite". She is 40+ yrs old and dresses like she shops at Forever 21. It''s embarrassing when parts are hanging out! #not21anymore

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