TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

dear boss im not a flipping robot so giving me jobs to finish because im faster!!! Im not super man! Get off your lazy butt and help!

Sucker punching someone in the face does not mean you win. Don't flatter yourself we all know what would've happened if I would have gotten you

You can never take your company to the next level if you''re always the smartest in the room. Learn humility oh and stop taking your shitty relationships out on your best people. Emotionally non-intelligent.

Listen, I get your husband served a mission with my husband but we don't like hanging out with you! We have nothing in common! LEAVE US ALONE!!

really really hate my bigot boss! Can''t wait to start my new job next month. He''s one of the most arrogant people I''ve ever met! Always thinking he''s better than everyone. Never puts in his 40 hours. Hoping the next boss is nothing like him!

I don't need you to tell me how to diet. I've lost 40 pounds in 2 months. Please don't make me feel like that's not enough!

Hey d-bag how about you step up be a man and attend your wife''s marriage counciling than make her feel like crap. Atleast she is trying to save thefamily when you cheated on her 3 times.

this is the 3 new girlfriend with kids, that you have introduced to our kids this year. Wait until it''s been a thing for at least 6 months before you introduce them! Come on and grow up!

your kids are the worst, no one likes them. Not even your family. You talk them up like they are the greatest, but really they are spoiled little brats who ruin every family get together. Learn to discipline them or else I will!

stop running red lights

you were fired because you wouldn't do your job, no one is sad you're gone so go away and stop commenting on everyone's social media, no one is your friend

yo Leslie, stop blaming your firing on me. Grow up & take responsibility for your horrible behavior to everyone the last 5 yrs. Who's OG now?

2 the "anti-breastfeeding, breastfeesing Mom", u can't b 4 it but only when it fits in ur box. Don't nitpick when/where Mom's can feed their baby. FU

Sick of the needy/flirty/borderline inappropriate women my husband works with. You are a part of his job. Not an important part of his life. We laugh at you at home. Get over yourselves and work on your own marriages instead of looking for validation from other men.

quit being judge mental about everyone else with shortcomings then tell everyone you are overweight because of your immune disorder I have one too

dear Bacchus highway 10pm ish drivers, if you knew you''re not driving alone & you see cars coming from your opposite direction, pls be smart & use your common sense to lower your high beam light, your light blinded my vision, will you be responsible if I got an accident?

who you tryin2 fool u fool. u''ve always been in love w this B. thank goodness I got the courage to leave ur a**.But don''t worry it won''t last. Karmas a B! U A**hole!

To all Utah drivers, quit blocking the intersection. You''re not saving that much time missing one light cycle. Also, if you honk at me when I''m waiting to go until I can clear the intersection my hormonal pregnant ass might just "accidentally" stall my car once the light turns green. Dummy.

love when someone twists what you say then post all over Facebook bashing you and a bunch of people join in the bashing when they don't know what was said

father of the year! Telling your 4 yr old to fake cry and say things. Stop messing with your child's head and let him be a kid. Psychological damage.

hey co-worker how about you be on time once in awhile so we all don't have to be under a time clock microscope

If I'm the worst mom ever & u hope I die knowing u don't luv me, u must not want me 2 drive u everywhere & come 2 ur fb games #somuchfreetime

To my employees that like to call in sick at least once a week with a different excuse just so they can have another day off in a row. I''m not stupid next time you’re fired.

SIL you keep saying "not to toot my own horn" when you post on social media, You know that defeats the purpose, right? Just shut up.

hey payroll and hr... two weeks after payday and still no hsa funds why are we paying into it if we can't even use the funds to get our medications

to those who places the screen way far back at the Josh groban concert...Next time don't place the speaker in front of it...had to go the whole Concert

You were so rude to me when I needed you. Don't go acting like we're best friends now that you need me.

you are messed up. If you dont heal from your past trauma and horrible coping skills our marriage will never survive. I'm getting real sick of your shiz

The ink hasn't even dried yet for our divorce and you're already engaged?! You two deserve each other. Not my problem anymore. Good luck.

yo boss I quit! I'm done with your preferential treatment toward other employees!

it's not my fault that you've gotten away with not doing your job 30 years. I'm your boss. If you don't do your job, I'll do mine and you won't have one

Dude, quit making up stories to be late !! Being Late to to three times a week shows you have no respect for all of your coworkers, that go to work on time

I never talk to you about my baby anymore because every time i try to tell you something I think is a funny story about him, you mom shame me.

yes I married you so you could still live your own life do what you want while I take care of the house kids, bills and all problems #men

go. Go. GO!!!! It's a green light. You would know it's a green light if you stopped looking at your phone and actually drove your car. GO!!!

do your own research on medical cannabis. I guarantee if you were a parent of a child who was helpless while having Grand mal seizures you would change your view.

I hate U 4 degrading & comparing me to other girls. When Im finished w/school Im gone. U'll know what you lost once Im gone #FAbusiveHusbands

Brandi stay the F away from my husband at work & stop being thirsty in texts.Focus on your husband that you just married a lil over a yr ago.

Stop calling me out on not making time for you or coming to see you when you were just in town and couldn''t even get something quick to eat when we were at the same spot. This is why we''re not making time to take a trip with you. And make time for our real friends. It goes both ways.

to the mean girls at work, we work in a professional career. Human Resources is supposed to set the example. Dont fall into those gossipy cliques with those who are bitter because things didnt get their way, be the bigger better person!

Stop nursing your 12+ month old kid in the checkout lane, especially if they aren''t even asking for it!! Throw them a sippy cup and a cracker if they''re hungry! I''m all for breastfeeding, I''m a nursing mother myself. But know your limits!! No one wants to see your boobs hanging out.

you cut me off on mountain view Corredor. I saw you were on your phone so screw you!

do your son''s laundry when he''s with you! I''m so tired of him calling me crying because he doesn''t have clean clothes! I''m sure you and your wife have clean clothes!

stop trying to get the manager fired you should get fired because you been doing no call no show at work

Dear HOA president get over yourself you're only the president of an HOA not the world and nobody likes you. Can't wait to see you in court and watch you

Stop acting like a child and throwing fits because I refuse to parent you. Do your own damn laundry!

To the lady who laughed at me for being a Red Sox fan going to game 4 of the world series at dodgers stadium. Who's got the last laugh now!? #karma #beez

step up and be a dad quit letting your new wife keep you from her you're only hurting her at least I make her a priority not an option.

I wish the people in the office would stop whining about there job and just do there job.

Hey your 35 never worked full time in your life. You have to be an example to your teens. Get off your A**and learn to be an adult!!!

you know you always are picking out everybody else''s flaws and telling them how stupid they are when they make a mistake. You''re not perfect you need to look in the mirror more often and do a self-reflection.

we don't need your "office bed buddy" to help us with our job part time. She can stick to her job I'll stick to mine and then you guys can still be bed

why don’t you take responsibility for your actions instead of trying to hurt others to make yourself look better. Lying is never the answer. Get over yourself

to my wife how hasn't been... Frisky with me in 10 years. Remember to be surprised when the divorce happens.

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