TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Haunted House workers

If you pretend your not scared they usually leave you alone

one of the workers "accidentally" grabbed my friends boob. I said #metoo and he broke character and started yelling at me

Went to a no-touch haunted house. Someone grabbed me from behind. I turned around and punched him. Knocked a couple teeth out.

no matter what any haunted houses they are not allowed to touch you unless you have signed a waiver pacifically. Hunted houses that advertise anything about being able to touch the participants is lying and if anybody touches you they are breaking the law

worked in and helped manage several haunted houses. People are always afraid of actual psychos sneaking in and pretending to be workers. That is legitimate concern and often managers walk through the haunted house with groups checking to make sure everybody there is someone they hired. Caught a few people I did not hire sitting in the hunted house trying to scare people.

worked in haunted houses all going up, wasn’t paid just did it for fun, fun to dress up and be someone else, lots of hidden walkways for workers and areas to see when people are coming. You lose your voice by end of night

A friend told me that I would be so good in a haunted house and asked for me to go to the tryouts with her. After 4 hours I found out it was an unpaid gig. Bye Felicia.

worked at the haunted forest and there were a lot of secret passageways for the employees to walk around without normal people seeing them.

If the Sign says "If you''re within 60 days of giving birth, Do NOT Attend" you should do so. Scaring the baby out of someone wasn''t on the bucket list. Haha

lots of hidden tricks behind the makeup

using food to create the look. Coffee grounds make fake blood stick better. Frosted Flakes great for zombie flesh.

worked at the old mill haunted house and the mill is really haunted. There was a red room in the tower that they used to do devil worship in. Such a creepy room! Full of nice ghosts too though. It was really fun but sometimes in the daytime you was alone setting up and it was terrifying lol

when you''re in a hunted house and you get to a maze and you can’t seem to get out and you see the same worker standing in the same place and won’t move he is most likely standing in front of the walk that moves to go on to the next stage.

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