TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good!!!! October 29, 2018

my tell me something good is that my Wife and I were able to meet Wayne at the Tim Dahle Nissan this past Saturday from 4-5 we were able to talk to him it was awesome

first anniversary was yesterday

getting induced on Halloween!!! So excited to meet our baby boy

This poor college student just got a promotion!

it's Monday, a new week and LIFE IS GOOOD!

Celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday at Black Island Farms and then dinner.

finally debt free and dating the man of my dreams

Went to Topeka for the great Dane club of america national, biggest show of the year, hundreds of Danes, and my boy Watson placed in his class, which is a big deal.

my fianc and I have 11 days till we leave for 2 weeks to elope in Mexico << so excited!

I get to take a cruise with my Boyfriend in 2 weeks to the Caribbean and hold a sloth!! #bucketlist

got to be part of history on Friday night by attending the Dodgers vs Red Sox game! Longest World Series game at 18 innings!

got my invite to Friendsgiving, RSVP'd and got a babysitter! Also got family pics yesterday and the kids, 2&5, actually cooperated! Woot!

My 2 month old is sleeping through the night and it's my birthday!! Doing the happy mom dance!!

My son and his hockey team took home the gold and won the championship in Las Vegas this weekend!! Go Grizzlies!

10 years ago I made a bad decision and a bought a house with someone else as a cosigner, 2 years later he bounced leaving it on the verge of foreclosure despite getting money each month from me and destroyed my credit. As of today I finally was able to finish refinancing it to remove him. Also just got a promotion at work with a huge raise that has doubled my income from where it was a year ago.

I’m an amateur urban photographer, and the good thing by sheer luck, I met Alen Palander (Look UP his IG) when I was in NYC. He wants to work with me in Toronto in Dec.

passed a class at WGU One step closer to my teaching degree!!

got a promotion and a nice big raise, now I only have to work two jobs instead of 3

met John Stockton and Mark Eaten this weekend and my son got his basketball signed by both. Super nice guys!!!

I'm going to school to get my Esthetics license and I'm so glad that I chose to do something I love rather then be stuck with something that sucks.

were going to DISNEYLAND tomorrow!

going to Josh groban tonight with my friend! Celebrating our October birthdays!

get to see my boyfriend this week! We've been doing long distance for 2 years and whenever we get to see each other it's sooo needed!

upped my antidepressants and finally feel like I can breathe again. Life is better, even though not everything else is.

Getting re-stationed to Kansas and that was our top pick from places available! There''s no place like home! Lived in Utah all my life..excited for a new adventure!

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