TEXT TOPIC: Are you addicted to pills?

I have had a secret pain pill addiction since I was 18. I've even stolen pills from my mom and let my dad take the blame for it. I'm ashamed

I''ve struggled on and off for 10years use it to cope with anxiety and stress my husband knows but I think it''s easier to ignore and let me continue to handle things in our life

yes! I do! But Kratom has helped me and would help others but it's a natural form of pain medication Otherwise I would spend $600-$800 a month

was addicted for 4 years. No one other than my mother knows about it. Its definitely been hard to grasp and get over. But I did it on my own, after those 4 long years! Very proud of myself.

I was getting into oxy pain pills and had I not gone to jail one night in a raid, I'd probably be dead right now instead of that scaring me straight

Have had a pain pill addiction for about 2.5 years now. I''m 24 years old. My husband and I share this addiction. We are fully functional and none of our friends or family have a clue.

my 75yr grandma was addicted. Even after her surgery she would say she needed them the dr cut her off them and she started stealing them. She now got help

I've been addicted to pain pills for over 3 years now. The only person who knows is my spouse who is also addicted to pills

I lived alone in my apt when I had a taste of lortab I took from boyfriends wisdom teeth removal. Then got em from my neighbor, best friend csection

use to be addicted to percocet. i was in a bad accident and hurt my back. I went on being a mom, working and school

my mom almost 60yrs old labor and delivery nurse for over 30yrs mother of 4 grandma was heavily addicted to pain pills pretty much her entire life. She is on the straight and narrow now, but she has a hard time adapting to her new life and learning to deal and cope with all her emotions without the pill

my ex was addicted to pain pills and I had no idea. We dated for 3 years. We didn''t live together but if we did I would have seen it before this. I found a box of a bunch of prescription bottles hidden under his couch one day. He claimed he had a back injury... that I had never heard of. It’s what mainly ended our relationship. It explains why he was acting so weird

I am addicted to pain pills. After I lost my husband k just want to feel numb. I am trying to get help though.

I was for 3 years. It was my way of dealing with an emotionally and physically abusive marriage. I finally grew the balls to leave and I have not touched them since.

found out my ex was a drug addict when I was 3 months pregnant. Stole my pain pills after I had my c-section. I ended it when my son was 5 days old.

have been on 3 heavy narcotics for 14 yrs I got tired of it and for the 1x I got off them 2 weeks ago. Feels good to be clear again

I was addicted to oxy for 2 yrs, then I couldn''t get them anymore so I went to heroin for 4 more yr.I''ve died multiple times. I''m happy to say I''m 4yr clean now

I was addicted to pain pills for five years, spent three to $6000 a month, drove with my kids in the car and finally decided it was enough when I gotcaught in the middle of a gun fight while buying drugs with my 5 year old in the car. I was literally a soccer mom who lived in a high-class area, drugsdo not discriminate! Please get help! I''ve been clean for 10 years and literally kick myself every day for putting my children & everyone else in danger. I was 30 years old and had never even tasted alcohol or done drugs in my life, but got migraines & that''s what started it all.

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