TEXT TOPIC: Where and how did you meet your spouse?

Met back in the day at an allnighter. When club hill at HAFB was the thing, been married 20 years, 7 kids 3 granddaughters and I still get butterflies when I know I''m gonna see him at the end of my workday..== people say we''re still on our honeymoon!!

Met my wife when buying a phone for my dorm room when I moved to UT while in the USAF. She took my money and has been taking it ever since. Been married 28 years, 3 kids and 1 Grandson!      

We met at a power plant north of Las Vegas!! Haha, what a place. I was the engineer on the job and he was the lead millwright running the crew. He likes to say I''m his boss at home and at work lol

Hot tub! wife came to with another dude, he left her for 15 minutes, "damsel in distress" I swooped in and chatted her updated year an half -happily married for 8 years.

ZHT I met my spouse through a mutual friend at his house. But the funny thing is me and my cousin both liked the same guy so I told a "little white lie" and said that our mutual friend liked her a lot, But in reality our mutual friend actually liked me! not my cousin. I didn't like him like that so I played this whole thing out so I could get with my now spouse. We have been together ever since and have two children together!

Zht. Met my wife in a MSN chatroom in 2001 while she lived in new Zealand and we have been married 14 years.

ZHT- Met my husband in 2005 on myspace. Engaged 3 weeks later, together 13 years, married 12 w/ 3 kids!

Zht met my wife at Comic-Con. she can still kick my butt at Mario Kart 3 years later

Zht met my new husband at work 6 yrs ago, most annoying persistent man but finally gave it a chance 3yrs ago. Best decision Married this past Friday. He says consistency is key

ZHT met at Hard Rock, called him Wolverine because of his sideburns he thought I was rude. Started dating 1 mo later now married 15 yrs with 2 kids

Zht- I met my husband at the CU we worked at - He called me outside to save a bird that had fallen and fell in love saving the bird.

ZHT We met snowboarding. We were at Nordic Valley in northern Utah we rode in separate cars and we''re invited by a mutual friend. I was in the upper parking lot when he got out of the car he looked up at me And smiled. I turned to my friend standing next to me and said, you see that boy, I''m going to end up at that boy.

ZHT 97.1 - I met my husband through his best friend who I was dating. My husband told his friend he had 2 weeks to decide if he wanted to get serious and he was going to ask me out. 3 months later I moved in with him and a year later we got married. We are still good friends with the guy that "introduced"us.

ZHT my wife tried to add me on Facebook. Denied her cause I didn''t know who she was. Two weeks later I met her through a friend and added her back. Married 8 years.

Zht my ex boyfriend cheated on me with my now husband's sister. Married 7 years now

ZHT My husband was my ex boyfriends boss. We became friends then when my ex and we started dating now married 9 years.

Zht. Met my now wife at work...she was my boss. I no longer work there. #sleepingwiththeboss.

ZHT- met my husband at a good friend's house, who known me since I was 5. She was dating his brother.

ZHT, met my wife when buying a phone for my dorm room when I moved to UT while in the USAF. She took my money and has been taking it ever since.

Zht met hubby through my pos ex =

ZHT has a class with my bf in high school, didn't talk for 5 years after graduation, our siblings set us up again on the 4th of july, and now we are dating!         

Zht met my husband while camping at the sand dunes. #soulmates

Zht. I am ER nurse and he is paramedic - met him bringing patients into ER. Both love blood guts and trauma - perfect match!

ZHT I met my wife during my LDS mission, she was a missionary there as well and we clicked right away and had to separate ourselves cause the feels were too real (and it''s not allowed on the mish) =got home the same time and married a year later :)

ZHT met My husband on line it was a site called MocoSpace my family thinks I met him in Reno and his family things that we met in California Been married for 10 years now

ZHT: Met at his sisters funeral

Zht...I played darts at a bar and he came in cuz another friend invited him and 2 days later we were dating 6 months later we got married and it has almost been 14 years

ZHT Met my husband on our graduation cruise..I lived here.. he lived in Colorado

Zht: met my spouse when I was 22 and he was 12, when he stayed for one summer with his older sister (my friend). Didn''t see him again until he was 19 andhad a gf. Then he moved to Utah after dumping gf at 21. Dated on and off then married at 29 and 39.

Met hubby speed dating. He didn't remember me, but a month later he moved in next door.

ZHT Met my hubby in high school. He used to pull my hair, copy my work, get me in trouble. We married 6 yrs after graduating when he grew up

zht it was a blind date! My bro-in-worked with my husband and he gave my hubby my number. We are both shy so it's crazy that's how we met

ZHT my hubby is my ex''s best friend and he had a crush on me while my ex and I were dating. My ex was the one who set us up at first I was against it butnow we have been together 4 yrs

Zht: I met my spouse online in 2003 when dating sites weren't just about hooking up. Or were they??? =,

ZHT I saw this guy at freshman orientation and thought he was cute, dropped my papers in front of him. EMBARRASSING We had a history together and now we do.

ZHT In 2015 I picked up running daily(3 miles) & met a girl(my now wife). She challenged me to a 1/2 marathon, I've since ran 13 1/2s & one full & we are married

Zht. My wife & I went to Jr high & high school together but we actually met on match.com. She said I was a douche bag in high school...lol

Zht my mother remarried and my new stepsister invited me to an Easter party at her in-laws, I met my husband there. So our husbands are brothers.

Zht met my now husband @work my boss sponsored his sprint car, for 2 yrs I wondered who the hot guy was that was coming in to get checks

ZHT - met on hubby's mission in my hometown but he hates telling people cuz its totally taboo. Lots of flirting but he called me the day he got home, married 3 months later     

ZHT i meant my love through Twitter, he dm,d me and we fell in love. twitter loves do exist.

Zht He randomly picked my SN from the Yahoo! IM directory. I ignored 4 2wks, then got bored & msgd back. Talked 24/7 4 1wk be meeting in a TJMAXX parking lot 

ZHT: blind date. She taught my nephew ice skating, my sister loved her, so do I.

Zht: met the hubby at a crazy party. Pulled me by the belt loop, sat me down on him, said I was the most beautiful thing he''s ever seen! 18 years later,it worked

Zht We met online. we did everything you shouldn't do when meeting someone online in person. I drove an hr to meet him at his house and we hit it off. Spent the whole day/night together. Together 14 yrs!

Zht Craigslist. Would you believe it. Soon as she steps to the door I laid a big kiss on her and here we are 9 years later happily married

ZHT Friend''s wedding reception in Illinois... He was the best man and I was going through a divorce. He was stationed here in Utah and on our second anniversary we moved out here. So we did the long distance thing for almost 5 years!! 

ZHT hubby & I met walking our dogs at a park. We are both huge dog lovers and they are our babies! We got married a year ago and the our dogs were in every moment of our wedding.

Zht. My fam moved into the complex my hubbys fam lived in. We were 14. We Went to school and church together. We're 22 now, been together since 17.

ZHT worst blind date EVER. didn't even say goodbye at the end of it. Ran into each other again about a month later. The rest is history. Married 16 years now.

Zht-Met in college math class. I asked for his # in case I had ?s. I''m terrible at math. He thought I was flirting. His family knew me only as Math-girlfor months.

ZHT- A friends house that known me since I was 5. She was dating her now husband at the time     

ZHT I met my spouse at SLCC two years ago. I was late to the first day of class and ALL of the seats were taken except for one that was by this very handsome fella. Now we''re married and expecting our first baby!

Zht I walked past my husband at work Heard his Hawaiian accent, took a few steps back kissed his cheek then kept walking. He left the conversation he was having and came and got my name. The rest is history 

Zht 5th grade!! I left for years for the military with multiple tours when I came back we met back up! We are 31 now with a beautiful 9 year old son andhave been together 10 years              

ZHT we met dragging State (shortly before it was outlawed) our 22nd anniversary is the same day as friendsgiving!

ZHT - met my hubby on the Zoo Cruise...almost 9 years, and 2 kids later, we are still as happy as when we met. So Thank You Guys!!

ZHT. Husband and I met on OkayCupid.com been going strong for 8 1/2 years. He really is my soulmate & I'm so amazed that I found my perfect catch.

Zht Met my husband while serving an lds mission =J Wasn''t till 6 months after we were both home that anything actually happened.

Zht around Christmas time two years ago my wife came in to the pharmacy where I was working. She then invited me to a Christmas party that had not been planned

Zht - I meet my SO on Facebook he used to work with my sister at the airport and she talked to me about him. We were friends for a few months before he asked me out now we''ve been together for over 10 years with two beautiful girls.         

ZHT Met hubby in AOL chatroom back when AOL was cool. Married 20yrs

Zht my adorable second husband came into my shoe store to buy socks the rest is history

ZHT we met on Tinder and found out after dating for a month we went to the same high school and even had a class together. Didn't know each other back then.

Zht we met on MySpace = we were 13 and he told me I looked cute inthe hallway! Here we are 11 years later, married with 3 kids!  

Zht Met my husband when I was a junior at a choir competition. But I''m not from here. Cute guy but figured I''d never see him again. Met his best friend''s sister in college. Came to her house one day and there he was again. She flaked on me, he asked me out and here we are 13 yrs later 

Zht Met my wife at a bowling alley. She was five lanes down and on a date with someone else. I tried flashing my phone number but they kept looking over. I

ZHT. On a group date and he was my sister's date...No I didn't steal him from my sister

Zht my husband and I have known of each other for years. His mom and my mom are good friends and his mom has been doing my hair for practically my wholelife. Let''s just say our parents did a little match making     

ZHT We met snowboarding. We were at Nordic Valley in northern Utah we rode in separate cars and we''re invited by a mutual friend. I was in the upper parking lot when he got out of the car he looked up at me And smiled. I turned to my friend standing next to me and said, you see that boy, I''m going to endup at that boy.            

Zht In his backyard. I was there for his little brothers party. Inseparable since and going on 9 years together.

ZHT I met my husband when my aunt married his uncle. My aunt still thinks it's funny to say "my niece married my nephew" we don't think it's funny.

ZHT....met her online on a dating site. Married 6 months later

ZHT My husband and I met in college, I did not like him at first because he was a college baseball player and I thought that he was going to be an absolute jerk but he ended up being the sweetest thing ever.

Zht he liked a racy picture I posted in a group and I thought no way that was his real name. Turns out it was a nickname we''ve been inseparable since ''d

Zht: it''s kind of a high-school sweethearts thing but we met through mutual friends in high school for a school dance. We weren''t going with each other but we were in the same group.  

Zht - we met on tinder! It can really work people!

ZHT - I met my husband after being set up on a blind date with his older brother.            

Zht. Met SO at rehab. He was in 4 heavy drug use. I wrkd as support staff (babysitter). Weird I know but we got 2 know each other w/all the cards on thetable. 8 yrs 3 kids later still happy

ZHT i met my husband at work. I was his supervisor. Whoopsie!

Zht met hubs 2X in Vegas was there 4 bachelorette party 2nd morning woke up like ooo who dat?! They said u met him last night haha

ZHT met husband skipping class to get a donut. Friends paid me $1 to kiss him. Best.kiss.ever! 20 years together           

ZHT I met my husband on Halloween night 23 years ago. He won the costume contest, but I won an amazing man!!! It wasn''t until out first date that I got to see him without his face paint/laytex mask. He still makes a sexy skeleton man!!!

Zht met my husband because I was dating his best friend. We were 16 and he came up to me and asked me why I was dating his friend and I didn't have a good         

ZHT 10 years ago I went to a house party, I spilled a beer and my now husband made me stick my nose in the corner and pose for a picture as punishment for my party foul. We still have that picture!!

ZHT I made out a little with my Tinder date and afterwards, he toldhis buddy about the date and what a good kisser I was. The friendsearched for me on Tinder and turns out he is my person. Couldn''t love him more and so grateful for his friend''s recommendation ==

ZHT I met my wife had an Narcotics Anonymous meeting she was on probation at the time I was just trying to change my life that definitely happened anyways her probation officer knew who I was (small town) probation officer forbade her from seeing me so we got marriedafter only knowing each other for about 2 months she was sick of going to jail for being with me so we got hitched probation officer got off our back we just celebrated six years of marriage this pastSeptember I love you Daniela bad girl turned sexi house wifey=

ZHT I had just turned 31 and felt old so I went door-to-door meeting girls. After one month of high-volume dating I met my wife that I''ve been married tofor 10 years now. Tracting totally works

ZHT Met my wife on a blind date. Had been on 1/2 dozen before her. Didn't really expect a huge connection. Married 13 years. Celebrating in Costa Rica

ZHT buddy said there's a hot chick that works at Albertsons, I said let's go talk to her, married 11 yrs 2 kids

ZHT I met my hubby in 8th grade math. Now I teach 8th grade math and like to freak out my students by telling them their spouse mightbe in the room =

Zht I met my wife and best friend of 19 years on AOL chat in 1999

Zht we were 12. My aunt & his parents were next door neighbors. Cousin was his best friend

ZHT - met my husband on a blind date with another guy.

Zht husband and I met at fat cats in Ogden he was working the prize counter and I had to make the first move and tell him he was kinda cute      

ZHT I met my husband at archaeology field school. We bonded over our love of nature and that passion carried over into our marriage and life together.

ZHT I met my hubby at Costco! We both worked there and just celebrated 6 years on the 19th! Proves your really can find anything at Costco.

ZHT. Met online in 1999 back when AOL was a thing. He was in the uk I was here. Just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.              

ZHT my husband hates admitting it but we met online on a dating site called Zoosk. I had to pay to get his number since you can only send one message. We''ve been married 5 years now and together 8 years!

Zht. I met my amazing husband in my graduate program in 2016. We started as classmates, then best friends, then fell in love. We got married this year.

Zht we met at working at a radiator shop when we were 17 and seeing other people. Years later a mutual friend passed away and we ran into each other at the funeral. Been together for 7 years.

Zht my wife and i meet online. She was hovering over the delete account button when my email came in.

Zht: met my husband staring at my butt in geology class my sophomore year of high school!>&< &@

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