TEXT TOPIC: When little kids say or see creepy things!

My son would always wave at one spot in our house. This spot always gave me the creeps, even before he was born.

My sister and I shared a room till I was in fifth grade. She used to talk at night and say mommy is gonna eat you, daddy’s going to eat you, grandmas going to eat you and go on for hours!

My daughter was supposed to be taking a nap and told her Grandpa John to let her go to sleep. Not time for play. He has been passed years before she was born

The 4 of us were in the dark basement watching a movie when our 2 years old stood up and looked in the back corner of the room. She asked, "What is that man doing, Daddy?"

My sons are 6 yrs apart. About the age of 5, they both have claimed they saw a lady in a white dress walking around. An old woman died in our house

My son was one & was giggling in his crib. I told him it was time for bed & he said "papa stop! We need to go to sleep!" Never met my FIL.

All the time when I would put my two-year-old daughter to bed she would look at the doorway and say "why is that monkey there?"              

My daughter (2) kicked me out of her room so grandpa rule would come read her a bedtime story. Her dad's grandpa really died when her dad was a kid

Slept over my sisters. Woke up with niece standing next to my bed. She was pointing at the closet. She said the scary man with teeth was watching.

My brother died when u was 13 weeks pregnant and he was a prankster. My son is 14 months old now and likes to play peekaboo. Several times he has appeared to have played peekaboo with someone we won't see. He also waves and says goodbye over my shoulder as we leave the house most mornings.        

I as a child w/door closed. The room became cold shadow man standing next 2 bed leaned down, mom called out in the hallway he ran the door was now open.

My four-year-old little brother says to my mom my old mom used to make that. No idea where it came from he just started saying this out of the blue              

My three-year-old twins cry in their cribs and point in the corner, I legit can both see their eyes following the same thing but I can’t see it.. my son sleeps with the blankets over his head... it''s so sad and scares me I’m a single parent so I always pray at night

So when I was roughly 8-9 I started closing my bedroom door. When asked why I told my mom it was because of a dark man that came into my room at night. Still, sleep with my door closed

When I was little I woke up in the middle of the night, sat up in my bed, and in my doorway was 2 black figures standing there watching me. I have never been so scared in my life

When my daughter was younger we were out on the deck she bent down by the stairs to pet the cat and suddenly jerked backward. I asked her what was wrong and she said something just pulled me and it hurt we lifted her shirt and she had scratches down her back    

My son slept in my pitch-black room and as I was almost asleep he said " go away scary man "            

My 3 yr. old came running into my room and was screaming and flailing around begging me to stop praying. How do you know I m praying? Because every time you pray the black animals to crawl on the walls. Please stop! Long story but a little while later he told me his lady sat on his bed and told him everything would be ok. She reminds me of your mom- she is wearing white with golden hair. AHHHH! Yep, we moved.

My daughter was in her room playing and looked at the wall, smiled and waved, and the light blew out.

My godson would talk about 5 kids...my friend only had 2 at the time this was going on. They now have 5 kids!

My girls wouldn’t go downstairs in our first home. They said there was a witch down there then they would hum a specific song hey said she sang. They were 3 and 5.

It was my first time watching a little boy and we were up in my sons room, when we came back downstairs the little boy asked me why those two little girls were upstairs in the crib, it was only the little boy and my son there that day. What’s even creepier is I just found out I am pregnant. We are pulling for twin girls!

My than 3yo was in our bed, he stood up at the foot, looked out the door, and said: “hello? who are you?" To nothing in the hallway

My girls wouldn’t go downstairs in our first home. They said there was a witch down there then they would hum a specific song hey said she sang. They were 3and 5

My son often will tell me "he’s coming." I'll ask who it is and he just says, "he’s coming."

My son would follow something across the ceiling. He was terrified of this thing. He even had a name for it. We couldn't see anything.

When my daughter was2-3 we lived in student housing at the University. She would point to the open closet by the front door and ask why the people were in there all the time

My five-year-old child woke up in the middle the night and when I walked in to check on him he looked behind me and said the other mommy is here

My family was down in our family room, my niece went to go upstairs and came running downstairs crying saying that she saw a monster.

My brother passed a year before I had my daughter. She is now 2 and was in her room talking when I asked who she was talking to she said "uncle Jake."

A few years ago my little sister would talk to the little manikin

My son would sit in his crib and stare at the wall and have full-length conversations in his baby babble to whatever was there. Had the entire thing validated by a medium and she said it was my father in law Who had passed only a few months prior.

My 2 1/2 year old randomly needed his friend "Sammy" to get in and out of the car for a couple days, He also always points down the hall and says "monster" all. The. Time!

I was driving with my daughter out of nowhere she started hysterically laughing and I asked what was funny. She said she is wearing my shirt. Look, mommy! And I said who? she goes idk...I asked where is she and said right behind you.

I have a very young daughter and she saw a pic for the 1st time of my MIL, pointed and said, Grandma! She died in 1969!

When I was a kid we lived a house in South Jordan. I was telling my cousin’s about some odd things that had been happening and we heard a noise in the kitchen, I went to see who it was and then the chair slid across by itself. We all ran

When my daughter was younger I was driving on the freeway and she was talking to herself and when I asked who she was talking to she said grandpa my dad

I teach preschool. A 3-year-old would tell me about a granny in Idaho & a brother who was hit by a car and died in Idaho. Never been to Idaho, no brother.

My mom said when I was really little pre-preschool, we were diving somewhere and I said "mommy, Heavenly Father wants to talk to you" It really freaked her out.

My parents just bought a house. While unpacking and putting things away. I was on the counter putting things away. My mom was sitting on a chair. She saw someone/ I felt them. Grab me and throw me down the stairs to the basement. The house they bought was built in the 1900's and was passed from parents to kids. At least one person from each generation died. The last person was a child.

My son said the girl in my walls is mad and that I told her she couldn't play with my toys she won't stop yelling.

My dad worked nights and I as a one-year-old would tell my mom as she was trying to get to sleep "who is that mama what’s that mama? In a dark room until she turned all the lights on and played for hours. #nobedtimeforme

When I was a baby I was a really good sleeper, until a few nights I would just SCREAM when they would try to put me in my crib. After a few nights they decided to stay in the room and saw my barney toy would randomly go off, really creepy

An ambulance flew by our car recently lights and sirens going. My 4-year-old got quiet then turned to me and said: "Mommy, someone died." OMG!!!

We drove past a cemetery And my three-year-old niece said look at all those people in there. We looked over and the cemetery was completely empty.

My granddaughter and great-niece would talk to the vent in the ceiling. One day my granddaughter walked over to the door after talking to the vent and said goodbye and waved. As though she escorted whatever it was out. Creepy.

My four-year-old son just said he saw my dead grandmother in his room sitting on his bed talking to him. He's never met her.

My son said "mom, your skin is pretty. I want to wear it." Uhhhhh. Dead.

Used to live in a 1-bedroom apartment where my son had his own bed. 1 night he came into my bed and said he could not sleep because of all the growling. Did I say the dog downstairs? He said no the people in the corner!


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