TEXT TOPIC: Who holds you hostage in a conversation?

i'm a school teacher and the principal at my school will hold you hostage. Never go talk to her during your prep period Or she will waste your whole hour.

It's me. I dont talk a lot but when you get me going I dont stop until you make me, because I dont pick up normal social queues and hints.

I never really looking forward working on Sun&Mon night where I always bring my week meal supply for work, bcoz this one coworker always stops me with her drama for at least 15 min with heavy bags on my hand as soon as I walked into the only door to enter. Happy this week she''s on fam vacay, Yay!

my mother-in-law LOVES to tell everyone, including my small kids, about her many, many prescription drugs, their names, when she takes them, when she refills them, how they make her feel, which ones she''s changed. It takes hours!

avoid grandma. always have to listen to all the medical problems and poor health. Blah blah blah. Get off your ass and move your body

my coworker is THAT guy!! Always having drama with the ex, he goes on and on for 30 min about her! Drugs, drama etc!! I''ll never get those 30min back! Run!!

one of my coworkers starts off by asking me how I am and it ends up being a 20 min conversation about her life. I don't care. I'm busy

one of my students parents. I''m an elem. teacher. I can not walk away and even when I do she starts 19 more stories. It''s worse than parent conferences. Every. Single. Day. < < I''m walking away.

My cousin. I avoid him as much as possible. I feel bad cuz he always wants to get together but i can only handle it about once a year... or every other year.

My step mom used to always hold you hostage and talk your ear off. I would avoid phone calls and certain times of the day to not talk to her. She passed earlier this year and want to hear her voice one more time

I''m that person. I love to talk and tend to never shut up. My kids are always making comments about it. When I was married my husband and I use to drive separately to things because he wanted to leave and I was always talking.

a neighbor holds me hostage!! I try to act like I''m on my phone or otherwise occupied because I will be stuck talking for a minimum of 30 minutes trying to get out of my circle!! If I see her at the grocery store I run the other way. Nice lady but ugh!!

avoid a sisters calls. She starts drinking by 9 am and is smashed by noon. Drama queen, mixed up info and causes fights with other siblings and her kids. Her misinfo/lies have destroyed multiple family relationships.

older lady in my neighborhood! I love her and she is nice but I don't answer her phone calls and once saw her at school pick up on foot and I hid!

i am a membership clerk at church. A calling that deals with everyone.... i love my ward but i cant talk to everyone all the time...

my uncle at my wedding wouldn't stop talking 2 me about what 2 do if my NEW husband started abusing me. HE. WOULDNT. STOP.

my coworker of 3 yrs I’ve been here in welding and if i cant find my lead i have no choice to ask him for help!!! Every time its a 30 min to 1hr conversation and in the end he never answers my questions sometime i slowly walk away to get him to stop!! Sometimes he follows me!!! Help me!!!

I have a coworker that I avoid phone calls from. If I answer I just know it going to be 1hr conversation. She also always shares inappropriate information like how she started her period and other yucky things... she has a special ringtone haha

My ex girlfriends mom is like this she works at Walmart if she catches me it's at least 20 min I'll never get back lol

My Aunt for sure. She talks & talks about people u don't even know. Held my hostage at my wedding.

my brother! I know when my husband hangs out with him I wont be seeing him for at least a few hours

I always tell my kids when we''re leaving my brothers house as soon as we walk out the door to get in the car so I can start up and leave because he loves to come up to the window and won''t stop talking for another 15-20 minutes there

Its my dad at church. Stays after for an hour walking around taking to everyone thats trying to go home. We had to start driving seperately.

My cousin. I will do anything even hide in the bathroom when she comes over. If she catches me, I'll hear all about her Tinder life, Bumble and meet me,

MY MOM IS THE WORST VERBAGE HOSTAGE TAKER!! She will call and have a 30 minute conversation with me and I say ok about 5 times then she says well I''m gonna sign off....Bye.

It''s me I like to talk to everybody. Sometimes too much. Sometimes inappropriately. However none of my siblings would be in touch with each other, If it wasn''t for me I do hold the family together.

when on the phone with my dad he will just go on and on. You tell him I love you gotta go and he'll still talk

I work as a salesman at a BBQ company. Certain customers come in and my co worker goes and hides because sometimes the customers will stay 2 to 3hours.:. They just talk and talk

I'm that person. I like talking. And talking with stranger. People i love. Doesn't matter.

my coworker won't shut up. Tried to stop the conversation by " I have to go to the bathroom" and she followed me into the bathroom

this temp at work! She starts talking like I know who "mike and dave are" I DONT KNOW YOU! or mike and dave!!!

I served a mission in the Philippines. I work with a Filipino and they ask me the same questions every morning

My best friend. Love her so much, but I don't answer her phone calls unless I have an hour or more available to chat.

my mother in law will make sure that you really really know the story by telling you 12 times and then making sure you understand an hour later you are finally free

Coworker. Walks in and already has a dramatic story to tell. Will talk for 20min. We all pretend to type vigorously in hopes that he'll get the hint.

evey1 knew if grandma called you better have TIME. It's always Oh 1more thing Or I read this article. She died 4 yrs ago, I wish she could say 1more thing.

An older lady in my neighborhood! I love her and she is nice but I don't answer her phone calls and once saw her at school pick and hid!

My Sis! She can turn a 2 min story into over an hour, she has to tell every little detail! I try to communicate through texts

I'm a property manager Almost all of my residents hold me hostage But I realize some are lonely and need someone to talk to

have a coworker who follows you to the bathroom she doesn't get the clue

Coworker. Walks in and already has a dramatic story to tell. Will talk for 20min. We all pretend to type vigorously in hopes that he'll get the hint.

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