TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you recently ran out of gas?

ran out of diesel in my semi a hundred yards away from the gas station I had to do the walk of shame

ran out of gas in front of my neighbor's house. Was on the way there, but stopped to celebrate a clean brain tumor scan of their 2yr old daughter. Luckily I could coast downhill to the station.

On vacation middle of nowhere S Dakota, my dad turned a corner found a hole in the wall gas station filled up both tanks 39.5 gallons out of 40

Driving back from Boise I ran out of gas near Brigham city right before the exit. I cut a car off to exit and coasted off the off-ramp, ran a stop sign and coasted right to the gas pump.

My husband runs out of gas ALL the time, 3 times in one week recently. One time He had a woman pick him up on the side of 201, she had her teenage boys in her car and said, "this is my security btw”

my 1st long road trip on a motorcycle, I was running on reserve instead of normal, had to walk the bike 3 miles to a station.

my husband and I ran out of gas on our wedding night at 11:00 at night on a freeway off-ramp we had to have my parents take us to our hotel

after having about 4 different gas stations decline my card I decided to try to make it to work. 30 min drive. Less than 1 mile from the office and a gas station I had to push my car to the gas station they accepted my card! Wonderful Monday morning!

ran out when delivering Jimmy Johns kitty corner to gas station. Running thru the cross walk my tips flew outta my pocket. I looked like a cheap stripper trying to gather it all. Still got a $5 tip for the delivery!

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