TEXT TOPICS: Thankful Thursday!! Who do you want to thank?

Thank you to my wife. She bought me a gym membership. I love the gym and my daughter loves the kidcare. Thanks baby. Your boy Reggie Bip

thank you to my husband for working the afternoons so they do not have to go to daycare. Thank you for spending the mornings building a relationship with our babies. Your the best Mr. Mom

Thank you to fiance. He has worked really hard on my house and worked himself to exhaustion getting sod and putting it in because he knows I want grass for the dogs. Pushing himself to the limits to make me happy, I can''t express how much I appreciate you

thank you to my older sister for helping me out while I was in jail and for also taking care of my daughter when I was working while you were pregnant

I want to think my Aunt Nancy! This is my first pregnancy and she has been sending me gifts for the baby and me. Her latest gift was a body pillow and oh my gosh I slept like an angel last night! Thank you!!

thank to my hubby josh for all he does for my baby girl RheaLee ,and myself he is our super man

want to thank my family and friends for all their help and support for my daughter's wedding last Friday.

thanks to my ma for making me soup when I was sick. I'm a grown woman with 3 kids of my own but she still looks out for me.

I'm thankful for my 3 year old for offering to make dinner after finding out I was feeling sick.

want to say thanks to my parents for always helping me out with my kids and always being there when I need them!! Love u both!

want to thank my adoptive parents for the past 18 years of my life they have given me everything, after finding out my mom with no family gave me up to them...—

because she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She passed away and my adoptive parents loved with pure love and affection. Thank you George and Sandra.

want to thank my husband who packs me a lunch every day for work before he leaves for work. He even makes us dinner daily! Without him I would live off cold cereal...no joke. Love you!

want to thank all of the nurses down at IMC in Murray in the NICU thanks to them and all of their hard work I get to bring my little boy home on Saturday after 2 months in the NICU

I'd like 2 thank Dr Michelle @Hillside Vet & Dr Jordan/Vicki @Blue Pearl Emergency Vet 4 trying everything they could to save my baby girl. So appreciative!

Thank you to my husband for working his butt off in 2 jobs for our family. I love you

Thanks to my husband T for being so patient and understanding with all these pregnancy hormones and for providing for our little family. I love you beans!

thank you to my arms .... for always being by my side Thank you to my legs supporting me, no matter how much weight I’ve gained and going to gain during these holidays. And last thank you to my neck for keeping my head on straight.

thank to you 4! I love listing to you. You make my days better!! Love you all!

thank you to the morning show for highlighting awesome up and coming artists. Excited to listen to Kid Quill. I love music with a message

Thankful for my Brother, Ben. He passed October 5th. He was 34, born with RTS and was mentally a 3 year old. He passed from sepsis due appendix being ruptured. He taught me how to love unconditionally.

my mom and sister help me out all of the time. I am so grateful for them.

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