TEXT TOPIC: What new chapter in life are you starting?

just bought our first house in February and now we are having our first baby in March.

back to the gym. I haven't sense we had our first kid. Now I am back to what I love. My wife already looks at me different and I feel better.

I'll be traveling to Canada and Europe for 3 months for my photography. And I just got sponsored for my work. My spouse left out for leaving me.

the new chapter in life my husband and I are starting is we are expecting a baby at the beginning of the year and are really excited to meet her. We also bought our first house and are making it home and my husband started a new job. It’s all scary big changes but also exciting.

Finally got married to the love of my life in June after dating for nine and a half years!

after 2 years of being apart from my boyfriend, we have decided that we want to move forward with each other and move somewhere mutually to where we can still visit family. I''m 55 years old and very nervous to do this but also excited to have him back in my life.

i moved out of my parents house and also started a new job last month. bought and moved into a new house w my bf last week.

New baby 4 weeks old.. life has definitely changed

me and my boyfriend are starting a sober recovery life. He is currently is rehab and I am going to follow the same steps. So that we can start a healthy life and family!

Just moved in with my boyfriend and got engaged. Planning a wedding

I never in a million years thought I would have

my job of 13 years is closing its doors next month. I just got word that I landed the job of my dreams with a $20k raise

I'm 20 years old and getting ready to move our off my parents house.

We''re having our first baby in March and we can''t wait for this new chapter in our lives!!

I'm 43 and just started online school for a bachelor's degree in graphic arts

starting a new career as a Real Estate agent!!! No clients yet but hopeful they will come!

new chapter, first baby is due in one month, I'm 40 years old, very excited to see my little girl!

I'm on week 2 of full time working mom life after finishing my degree in April with 3 kiddos.

life with 2 kids - most challenging chapter yet!

just got married, I'm 30 and don't have much relationship experience so it's scary but great new chapter!!

just moved in with my grits great, but definitely something new with new challenges. I love this new chapter tho

getting married again, selling my home of 15 years and buying a home with my fiance. Crazy good, crazy scary!

got sworn in as an Attorney on Tuesday!

moving out of my parents house and into my first apartment. Nervous but excited at the same time. Ready to spread my wings and experience new things.

changed careers after 6 years. Started last Monday. Loving it so far but scary as hell!

46 years old and having my first kid. It took me a bit longer than I thought and going to another country to find the woman of my dreams

Starting my new chapter at 9:30 THIS MORNING! My husband and I have our first foster care meeting! #herewego

Hubby and I have started the process to foster to adopt. The need here is so great, ppl please consider this as an option when starting your family!

back to full time work- managing 3 kids under 5 and I'm 40 - youngest is 3 months. Lactation station at work.. haha

going back to get my masters degree in marriage and family therapy after taking 17 years off to have five kids. I'm so nervous and excited!

hubby & I are moving into an apartment of our own next month. We''ve been living in his parents basement for over 2 years. I''m excited to have our own place. Terrified of having to pay rent again but ready for this change!

I'm 21 about to buy the town home of my dreams!

Just started my Mary Kay business and am excited for the Holiday Season and the fun gift ideas I can offer to friends and family!!

husband and I are moving from Idaho to Wyoming with brand new jobs, our son will have a new 2nd grade school, new home, scary but exciting

Early 30s husband and I expecting our first baby, almost to end of 1st trimester

I'm graduating from grad school in Dec so my new chapter is finding a job! Yikes!

I am a single full time mommy and I take my placement test tomorrow to go back to school for my RN License after 8 years of being out of school.

husband got a new job in Oklahoma. We'll be moving the week after Thanksgiving. I'm super nervous but excited for this new adventure for our family!

New job, new man - Life is good!!

countdown has begun, welcoming my second child within the next two weeks!

New chapter.. taking the class to get my motorcycle license as a 53 year old woman. Your turn Kylie

recently divorced mom of two. Going back to school to be a nurse.

got laid off from my corporate exec job in June, I started a new career as a fitness instructor. Never been happier!

starting a tattoo apparel brand here in the next couple months. Super excited!

Caught my man cheating so I moved out and got my own apartment. Going to the U to try to get into the dental school. Good things are coming from a bad situation for me!!!

hubby got great job offer. Moving to Georgia in the spring.

my husband and I are finally parents after 8 years of marriage! It's been an adjustment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Infertility sucks.

new position in law enf. Im excited but many coworkers said Im shooting myself in the foot & will ruin my career, family is more important than career.

Beginning year I've decided to pursue a career in acting. Currently Im a lead in 3 student films and been in two commercials. Its a start.

my spouse left me for no apparent reason. I was heartbroken. I had to pick myself up. New chapter Is i started my urban photography business.

Turning 67 tomorrow! Another year of God's graces. Looking forward to what life has to offer a year older.

I'm going to be a Grandmother and am excited but deciding what kind of Grandma to be. GRAMGIES AKA GRANDMA ANGIE

I'm terrified to turn 30 in December start the next decade

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