TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family who got caught embezzling?

My dad call owns a company and the other owners son stole a company credit card and was paying his mortgage with that this happened for almost 3 years

ex was almost busted 4 embezzlement but his business partner felt sorry for me and kids and let him off

my aunt got caught embezzling from her job so her boss gave her a raise! Then she quit.

bro-in-law manager of restaurant. Embezzled thousands of dollars. Luckily his boss just fired him & said he wouldn’t turn him in if he paid it back

my cousin’s husband comes from a long family line of bankers. Her husband’s dad embezzled money from his banking company under his son’s name. This ruined the son’s name and made it extremely hard for him to get a job or accepted to a master’s program because if you searched his name it looked like he was the one who stole from the company.

my cousin got caught stealing almost $50,000 They called the cops and she went to jail I think she’s still dealing with the legal issues and being charged

my aunt embezzled 185,000. Was fired and case turned over to cops. She fled back to Tonga so she avoid prison.

my aunt embezzled Hundreds of thousands of dollars to send her son to gymnastics camps. he made the Olympics so I guess it was worth it.

my aunt embezzled at my gpa's company when she worked there. I visited her in jail (where she was for 4 yrs)

My friends mom. She was pregnant with twins, had them while in jail. Served 3 years for it!

Step brother got caught stealing narcotics at his job. Fired and DEA and local cops showed up

fianc''s dad would take the whole family on trips on the company card. He''s a real delight

my dad would always use the company card to buy tools for home

my ex used to work at a movie theater and him and one of his coworkers stole thousands of dollars worth of their candy and never got caught.

Use to work at a pizza joint in high school and I had a stash of hundreds of free bread coupons and 25-50 free pizza punch cards fully punched. I''d have friends and family go into stores with the coupons and get free lunch/dinner all the time.

My brother in law stole money from his company. He got caught and went to prison for about two years and had to pay back $200,000. I knew something wasn’t right because they kept fixing up their house.

Ex fianc was fired bc of stealing $ out of tills & stealing product. Charged w/ felony Took a plea deal 3 yrs of probation & 12k restitution

my uncle's sister embezzled about 20K a day from their own company, in Vegas when they would go which was often, about 600k. Karma got her. She died.

My husband's ex embezzled over $600K over 8 years. Did 15 month Federal (best vacation she ever had)

mother in laws ex got caught putting money away at work. He got another job in the valley did it there as well got caught did time in jail and now he lives out of state owning is own business

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