TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

get off your game and help me clean! Your not a teenager anymore! You're married

I regret hiring you. You make my job harder, not easier. I can't go on maternity leave because of you. I hate you, please quit!

Listen kid.. I love you to pieces!!! But if you don''t stop kicking my chair while I''m driving, you''ll end up in pieces!! =!=!=!>,>,=!

you got high and started the baseball park on fire you being in jail how is that my fault I left you over a year ago you are no longer my problem

Hey daycare you can't tell me your teachers can't help kids potty train and get mad at me for my kid, who just turned 3 is not potty trained. Kids are with

Stop asking what I do with my money and saying you make so much less than me when I say I am saving money. Back off bitch!

I hate your wife. She's rude to me behind your back. You're my friend, but I'm not dealing with that anymore.

To my co-worker.. STOP TRYING TO TAKE OVER! You are becoming annoying and you don''t know how to do just your job! Your hand is in everything and youa B****. Just freaking stop

I can''t believe you still hold a grudge from high school. The reason I got the scholarship and you didn''t was because I wasn''t a huge dick like you!Grow up!

Hey father in law stop asking us for money we are poor college students trying to survive

it's called maternity leave not work from home. Stop emailing me and calling me boss!! I'm a little busy.

you told me that you were in debt and you threatened me for $50 when you owe me over $300 and then you moved your boyfriend to your house from California, and bought him a brand new car while you''re a senior in high school working at Walmart with a job that I got you!

stop asking for help since you cant be bothered for 10 min to do the same

Dude, I've got a new baby, full time job, and trying to juggle bills. Your lack of planning is not my crisis- I have enough of my own

stop passing me up because i have a vagina and not a penis

Listen, I get your husband served a mission with my husband but we don't like hanging out with you! We have nothing in common! LEAVE US ALONE!!

I am Soo sick of my nephew''s dad''s GF!! She acts like she is responsible for how great my nephew is!! She abandoned her own kids.. And is playing house with my nephew! Ick!

Dear Adam. grow up who cares how bad your life is you cheated on your wife and left your two kids and haven't seen them in over 4 years so kiss my ass

I hate talking on the phone. Do not call me! I honestly hate talking to you on the phone. Get a life and stop calling!

to my boss if you could stop taking fist fulls of pills and show up to work that would be great. This crap is getting old. And YOURE ENTIRE CREW ISSICK OF IT.

sick of being pushed aside at work. I am worth more than you think. Interviewing elsewhere.

Just cuz I'm married and you're not doesn't mean you can treat me like dirt. I'm still your sister. Get over it! I don't rub it in your face.

I'm sick of myteen daughter lying and stealing! But Then having the nerve to tell ME to grow up!

every freaking semi needs to get off I 15 from 7 to 9 every morning & All you''re doing is congested the hell out of my commute

maybe you should stop wearing your daughters pants: nobody knows how you were breathing yesterday

if you cant afford food maybe you shouldve skipped the big wedding/ honeymoon.

you're over 40 now. Man up. I'm not your mother.

thanks a lot for the rude comment to our viewers. Some of us care about our jobs and care about our communities you didn’t have a right to speak for the rest of us. You should have been fired

To the blonde at Smith's MP getting gas in Herriman. TURN OFF YOUR CAR!!! Your comfort isn't worth me blowing up!

To all the A-hole drivers entering Hwy 84 Westbound in So Ogden, STOP USING YOUR DAMN BRAKES WHEN YOU SHOULD BE ACCELERATING TO MERGE ONTO THE HWY! There''s no extra lane to merge! You make me want to set you on fire!

Texting ur daughters while they are @ school 2 tell them their grandpa died is idiotic. They deserve 2 have someone there 2 comfort them. Use your brain!

Mother. My child is 6 months, therefore she is going to cry, make noise & babble. Why don't you stop complaining and be more of a grandmother.

to my sister-in-law please stop complaining to me about my brother maybe you should get a counselor and talk to them I don’t wanna hear any more

when your doctor is Still with patients do your job and stay. Don't just sit around at work doing nothing

Dear Logan drivers: GO BACK TO DRIVERS ED. How can EVERYONE be this horrible? I m amazed I m not dead. For real you suck. The bus system is free, just saying!

To my couple of friends that are soooo well off. Stop bragging about how much money u have. Maybe u could share it with me and by someone something that they need

To the know-it-all I work with when I''m asking the attorney a question it''s above your pay grade I don''t need you to lean over my shoulder to try to answer if I need your help I''ll ask for it

Utah Drivers, how about we dont go 70 in the left lane on the freeway. I wanna pass.

stop correcting me, You don't know everything, we're only 11!!

I get that I''m your only close friend, but you''re not mine. I work a full-time job and you can''t call me four times a day. And you don''t work! You can''t get mad I am busy, I also have a boyfriend and other friendship I need to maintain. You are too needy and have some growing up to do.

maybe you should be more concerned about your child and their feelings instead of getting around like a record

I would say this to his face but you''re a piece of crap father, before that ugly B came into your life you were decent dad to your daughter but now that you have a new kid plus your others all from diff baby mommas you can''t help with anything in your daughters life. Such a joke. I wish you''d sign your rights over.

to the moms that cut everyone off in the after school pickup line. We get there early to pick up our kids and have to wait.

stop blaming everyone else for you being too lazy to do the very definition of your job. It's not our job, it's yours. Start doing it.

Hey i bought s house, you bought a house stop being a crappy sister and comparing your house to mine. I love what i have, you''ll never be happy with that attitude.

dear sister, I'm 30, have a mom and am a mom. Just because you're lazy and don't have a life of your own, doesn't mean you can run mine.

hey roommate stop eating my groceries I paid for them buy your own

Stop telling my kids they're too old to cry when they're upset! They're just trying to show their emotions!

sis & mom in law; stop lying to protect my feelings it doesn't work just makes you look worse you're already like mean girls - only nice when it makes you

you have the worst grammar! I love your kids but I hate hearing you talk to them because you''re teaching them how to speak unintelligently. We went to the same school! Why are you so freaking stupid! #DumbBitch

You "fianc" is a D-Bag, we don''t care to hear about his package constantly, his behavior is appalling especially around all of our small children and yours as well that you are attracted to such jerk.

hey Barbie thanks for stop saying "Oh i love you", Now can you please STOP saying " oh you're so cute". STOP, we're not 5!

if I use my last $5.50 to buy you a coffee in the morning, the least you could do is say thank you. Specially when you have more money than me. Jerk

I'm tired of you calling work sayin ur 2 sick to come in. Because of you, I've had tu come into work actually sick. I don't believe u


how about start taking resp. for not being in your son's life due to choosing drugs over him instead of telling everyone I kept you from seeing him mmmm k

could use a raise after 15yrs w/ the company but your jobless adult kid needs another new car more glad my hard work pays off for you!

I appreciate u helping around the house when u get home, but when I get home that's not a cue for u to sit on your phone & not help anymore. I'm not a maid

Please stop sending me all your political articles and texting me nonstop during debates. I don't need your propaganda to make up my mind and vote.

really cousin, u HATE what I love? U LOVE what I hate? I'm sick of u opposing everyone-always. Its annoying. I wouldn't hang w/u, but ur fam.

employee you get paid Friday like everyone else you're not special quit asking to be paid Wed. Just Bc I paid you in advance one week doesn't mean it

Brianna, Stop asking for my opinion and then telling me why I am wrong. If you're not going to listen FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF.

was in the store, kids were in my parked car, huge truck crashed into my car & dragged it around w/kids in it. Guy repeatedly pouting "o my new truck". Don''t care about ur $60K truck dude- I picked out my moms casket this morning

Finding your pet dead after it slept outside IS abuse. But Of course U wouldn't think so, U have a drug fried brain & abandoned your own kids.

She cheated, you finally left. Going back will never be the same or fix it. Believe us she wanted you gone then & said doesn't want you back now! Move on!

Sick of being a Shepard to a dumb sheep team. Get off ur ass and run your own team

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