TEXT TOPIC: Is your house haunted?

lived in the Aves, in an old house that had an old cowboy and his rifle, that would show up to Look in the windows!

grandparents remodeled a gristmill into a bed n breakfast. 5 boy scouts died in the elevator shaft and an elderly couple also froze to death. Going to3rd level alone will haunt you still remember from childhood

There first house i bought i swear i used to see shadow figures and was confirmed when my ex wife moved in when she said she saw someone at the end of the bed her second night there

Heard little kids giggling outside by the swing on my tree. That’s not the creepy part, went to vacation with our parents a month later, neighbor was watching the house and didn''t know we went with them and said he saw two little kids swinging in the middle of the night, thought it was us and yelled at us and they ran to the backyard, we told him when we came back we went with our mom.

House in WVC. Child would randomly show up in a corner and cabinet doors opened/closed. I lived alone

live with my nephew, he was talking to me in my room about work, I said nope I don’t have to work tomorrow.. He said, yeah that guy over there behind you doesn’t have to work tomorrow either... It was just us-My nephew has a "friend" named Gracie, that he talks to EVERY day. That lives in our house.

As a 4yo @ parents home, g-ma always took me 2 another bedroom in middle of the night. As an adult, Realized she died 1yr b4 that was happening

was a little girl I had a little ghost girl that would tie knots in my hair at night

current house haunted, shower turns on randomly footsteps on floor boards few times weird camera flashes went off. Sister jokingly bought wooden "ghost

I''m on a house hunt and my daughter and I went to look at a beautiful Victorian home... got a weird vibe the second we got there and "saw" someone walking around inside. Got into the house and no one was there then We looked in the garage and the lights went crazy! We were NOT wanted in that house

my sister and I would cry at night because we would see a man staring at us through the bedroom window. We lived on the 3rd floor

lived in a house where blankets would be pulled off us and lights would be turned on and off on their own

we had an old man ghost at our old apartment. He loved me, never messed with me just watched over me. Hated my boyfriend. Attacked him in the shower

my basement, by myself, folded chair & put against wall went to bathroom came back chair was set up exactly where it was before I folded it

house in Roy little girl and man haunted my sister and I for years. Locked in bathroom. Banging yelling when home alone. A decade Later we did history on house and father burn the house with his daughter inside

my uncle's home used to be a mortuary. They had several times that they saw people in their home

daughter used to wake up in the night and say people were all around her standing over her bed. Had accidents because afraid to go to bed & get out of bed. Moved, they didn''t come with! No accidents anymore.

My cousin was hit and killed by a car. Gruesome. His parents moved and my uncle moved into that house. He has seen a little blond boy several times at the house.

5 boys in my family all 4 years apart each with the same exact "imaginary friend" named Broc same description. We didn''t tell each other about him.I was the only one afraid of him. Don''t think he was imaginary

my mom used to live in a house with a window in her room overlooking the stairs. One night she heard someone coming and looked to see if it was her dad. It was a hooded man that looked like the wraiths from lord of the ring

Son with Autism started TK see an old wrinkled woman. And kept asking me what her name was. One late night we got home walked in he sat on stairs to take his shoes off and he asked me again. I asked if he can see her he says yes, then I ask where and he says right behind you mommy.

used to live in a home where my bedroom light would turn on by itself, came home one day to find my perfume bottles lined up on the floor.

Woke up to a dark figure right next to my bed covered my head with the blanket then felt someone stroke my hair back and hush me. Worst thing ever.

family farm house passed down generations. Any kids who live there would make friends with the ghosts. The ghosts tried pushing me downstairs

lived in 2 houses where I was choked and seen a figure at end of my bed

lived on the Navajo Rez, my parents house is scary at night! Something walking on the roof, slamming doors, opening doors---car alarms turning on, dogs barking, door handles shaking from the outside, seeing lights shooting down a mesa

the night of my uncles funeral my dad seen a black figure standing at the living room window

My friends daughter kept seeing a man in a red hat at her grandma’s house come to find out a man had committed suicide that always wore a red hat in that same house

my childhood home was possessed. My brother was told by spirits to light our barn on fire with him inside, he suffered 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body. I WONT go back to that house ever!!

Renting. Nighttime, Rottweiler started growling at the door that was cracked. Stood up and opened the door to have him look, he didn’t move. I slammed the door shut.

When I was little, my great grandparents basement always gave me the creepy vibes. Idk why, just did. A few summers ago, my mom told me the story of how I talked to a ghost in their basement when I was little. I came up stairs and told them what it told me (don t remember what it was) and my great aunt freaked

I have a ghost following me every time I move it's an older man wearing a brown derby hat and she comes around mostly when there's man in my life

We used to have something that would tap loudly on our refrigerator when I was home. Never did it when I tried to show someone. Only when I was there. We didn''t have an ice machine either.

we were renting out of college with our two little girls. At night you could hear toys being played with however our girls were always asleep. Multiple people that would come to our house to baby-sit them would talk about the people in the kitchen or the figures in the hallway. My girls wouldn’t go down in the basement they said there was a witch down there.

Had a friend who was hard core Italian his little sister brought a ouija board into the house and played with it, house was perfectly Level roller skates started rolling across the floor weird things were happening. Mother found out they moved!!

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