TEXT TOPIC: How often do you wash your bras?

I have a lot of bras , so I switch off, but every Sunday I wash my bras.

I rarely wash my bra. I once wore a sports bra for a week straight without washing it

my wife will actually get mad at me when I wash her bra after she''s worn it only once. She''s just like, "where''s my bra? You''re washing it?? I''ve only worn it once. It didn''t need to be washed!"

I use 3-4 bras/wk. My daughter uses a diff 1 everyday of wk. & when she showers twice a day, one more bra. We wash all our bras every week. #notThatBad

used to wash my bras less but since I had my babies, my breasts got MUCH bigger and now I sweat a lot more so I have to wash my bras every week.

I wash my bras after every wear. Only because I'm breastfeeding and leaking. Lol before that it was after 2 days.

bra topic- I got too chubby, so I stopped wearing bras. My DDare fake so I don''t need a bra

only wash my bra when it needs it. Work out bras are every time I use it. The daily ones are only once every couple months, unless it''s been hot then it''s more like once a month.

I was my bra when it starts not fitting very well, which is about once every 2 months. Yep! I own it and I'm proud of it!!

Oh like once a month! For the longest time I didn''t know that you had to wash them! No boob sweat for me so I don''t see why I should waste precioustide pods on freakin bras!

wear the same one every day. Wash it MAYBE every 3-4 month. Except when I have a more than normal sweaty day.

only wear my bras twice before throwing it in the dirty laundry basket. I tried wearing a bra for three days in a row and thought I forgot to put on deodorant. Even after applying deodorant, I still smelled like BO and realized it was my bra!

wash them usually about once a week. Unless I forget, then its every 2 weeks

Wear my bra ONCE, then it goes in the wash. No sweaty bras!!

have several bras so I don't wear the same one every day, but I wash them all about once a month

once a month cause I only have one bra

wear my bra for 2-3 days before washing it

About once a month if I'm lucky

have four different bras, so I wash each one once a month.

switch between 2 and wash them once a week

once a week

My bra only gets washed every 2-3 weeks

work outside so I get a ton of boob swet. On the other hand I don''t have very many bras that fit that well. I have to wear my regular bra plus a sports bra over the top. Given all of that I usually wash my bra or change bras at least two different bras week. Sometimes I wear one bra the entire week by the end of the week it''s nasty

have 6 or so bras that I cycle through and wash them every two weeks. They’re expensive and frequent washing tends to wear out the elastic. Oh, and yes, swoobs ARE indeed a thing


I was my bra once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks. I should wash it more since I'm pumping and sometimes the boobs leak in the bra

once every 6 weeks ish

probably once a week.

have only 2 and wash them about once a month

once every 3 months unless I spill something down my shirt

bought them both 6 months ago, rotate colors, but umm not once in 6 months and I am bigger chested!

only have 1 bra. So it is nasty but every 5 to 6 months.

I will sometimes go months without washing my bra. I didnt feel gross about it til now. Haha.

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