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had an employee who wanted to leave early and said her husband was going to die today and she needed to leave. (he wasn’t even sick)

Every rule that is enforced is broken in the HR office. Conversation, pictures, interactions... the HR office will always be the most inappropriate

Asked what his biggest accomplishment was during a job interview, said it was helping his buddy move the week prior.

people complain about the littlest things. Someone’s perfume/cologne is too strong, someone’s food smells funny, they have dandruff, they didn’t shower, their clipping their toenails, they blow their nose too loud! Ugh it’s like I’m a mom with 50 kids

Someone in an Executive position for a huge Utah school hired his mistress into another Executive Position. AND she has no HR experience! WTF!

worked in HR for 3 different companies. In all 3 companies they would only hire if the person was attractive, and good looking. Even over the qualified candidates.

My biggest problems were other staff that I had to cord w/ thinking they could tell me how to do my job, missing deadlines, and acting like my boss.

working in HR, handling life insurance beneficiaries and this gold digger tried to claim 500k from someone who passed away, she tried to say they were married but I put the hammer down on that one. The money went to his family where it should have

HR sucks when you see someone else makes more than you plus you have to train them

I work with the secretary sometimes and when HR gives us applications to call for interviews we look through them and toss out the ones we don't want. Haha

HR lady (named SANDY!!) had a big mouth too! She had a tat on her rib cage that she’d show off to young cute dude employees. She was caught banging the big boss by another employee escorting the bosses WIFE to bosses office. HR named Sandy.....run!!!!

I'll say my HR at SkyWest is amazing! She took amazing care of a situation, it took months, but she rocked it! Thanks Pennie

I was a HR director for a hotel during the Olympics. Had to fire a chef for constantly yelling at food servers... When I escorted him to collect his belongings he pulled a knife on me. Thankfully another chef was able to call security to subdue the guy

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