TEXT TOPIC: Who spilled the beans and ruined the surprise?

I ruin a lot of movies because I like it when i know the spoiler alerts so I tend to spoil scenes for others too

so back when Fight Club came out a girlfriend of mine asked if I’d seen the movie and I said no I''m excited to see it. She thought I said I had somehow and told me the end..to say the least knowing the end ruined the surprise of it

my hubby will ruin ANY marvel movie for me if he sees it without me first. So he is officially banned from seeing them first

Started to watch Dexter on Netflix. Friend told me they stopped watching when Rita dies! I haven’t gotten there yet. (And yes, now I have done the same, you’re welcome) *evil laugh*

My friend gave the ending away to The Sixth Sense. I don''t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn''t seen it, but the whole time I knew what was up with Bruce Willis. Everyone was shocked the whole movie & for me I was just like c''mon can''t you tell what''s going on!? Lol

accidentally told my best friend so she is getting engaged the day before proposed.

my husband put a bday message on the bridge over the freeway and before I saw it, my mom told me about it, assuming I had seen it

ruined a gender reveal party. I got there after work and said to the dad "Congrats on the boy" turns out they where waiting for me to start the reveal.

after The Half Blood prince came out, I read the books first. I then told my brothers that Dumbledore died. #dontFwithme

We were invited to a Murder Mystery evening. We all dressed our part & read about our character. The people hosting asked if there were any questions. My sister in law said, "Yes, what do I do if my card says Murderer?"

When we were newly married I saved money to buy tickets to our first concert, Creed. We saw some friends and the wife said how excited she was we were going. My wife didn''t know. I was mad since we were college poor.

went to go see the first Batman with Michael Keaton was super excited standing outside waiting to go in carload of kids drives by yelling "tha joka dies!!" Ripped up ticket walked home...A-holes!!

my patient accidentally gave away the ending to a star as born with me too!!! He was telling me how he twisted his knee again when he got up at the end of it and I was saying how I wanted to see it and I asked if it was good and he accidentally spilled the end! I''m not too disappointed tho, I''ll still go see it!

my hubby worked his A off planning a surprise party for me for the first time in 10 years of being together. My sis in law text me and asked me what time we were getting together for my birthday party....

While helping in my sons 1st grade class on Monday after infinity war came out a little boy ran up to me and said "SPIDER-MAN DIED" Thanks!

Was super stoked for the Book of Eli, I LOVE Denzel. And my BF went and saw without me and totally ruined it for me. Still an amazing movie.

told a lady she was getting fired before she knew. My boss printed off her forms in the general area, and I thought they were her forms, but they were supposed to go to the boss. OOPS.. boss was PISSED

Ruined Forest Gump for my dad. Beginning of the movie I said fun fact..did you notice that Forest said Jenny died on a Tuesday but on her headstone someone looked up the date and it was on a Wednesday.

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