TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! October 15, 2018

lost 3 pounds baby!!!

This week is a short week due to FALL BREAK! #teacher

last week of work before I become a snowbird and move to Arizona for 6 months. #nosnowforme

my good news is im going to have my baby this week!

your going to pay my bills

had an interview last week with Westminster''s Nursing Programmed I should know in the next couple week if I’m accepted or not! Fingers crossed

we're close on our first ever/together house today.

2 weeks sober more like climbing a cliff than a hill but life is good

tell me something good: My last day of work is tomorrow. I have worked at the company for 7 years. So excited to be done with all the crazy people and stuff

got a new job that pays more money and is closer to home

something good, my daughter and I are headed to Disneyland on Thursday for the weekend! So excited!

I'm about to win the 1,000 to pay my bills

Another day Another Monday! We've made it once again thank god.

came out the closet to my spouse

Paid off my Cancun trip! July come faster!!

My husband and I are going to France! It''s not till May but it''s our wedding anniversary and his graduation present! We just bought the tickets and I''m so happy for this new adventure for us oh and I bought a new mattress so that''s always nice

My little sister got married on Friday! Such a beautiful wedding and I am so excited for her. Congratulations Aly & Wade!

booked our wedding venue this weekend, one year until I marry my best friend!

my dog, who has been missing for 2 weeks, WAS FINALLY FOUND!!!!

it's my birthday week!

Applied for my first apartment with my girlfriend this weekend. Super excited!!!

I'm alive.im breathing and hopefully it stays that the rest of the day and days to come.

Just found out we are 8 weeks pregnant. It's my husbands first!

Perfect trip up to the mountains! Great hike, picnic on top of the peak. So in love with this man!!! Waited 33 years to find him, he''s waiting 38 years to find me! Love at first sight!

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