TEXT TOPIC: Does your kid steal?

I was a thief! When I was younger I would always wear a large baggy jacket. I’d put items in my sleeves and roll my sleeves up so you couldn’t tell anything was there. Finally Got caught and sent to a detention center. Supposed to be there for a day mom left me there for 2 weeks!

My daughter’s stole some earrings from Walmart.. she doesn’t even have her ears pierced..>& &@ first time and last!

took some of those free paint samples. My mom made me take them back. Never "stole" again lol

caught my 9 yo stealing erasers from target. Told him not to do it again.

My autistic son (8) just started stealing. Only legos. Went into neighbor’s house while they were gone for a lego sword. He doesn’t have impulse control. I don’t know what to do.

stole sporadically as a teen and young adult. Stole clothes for my daughter when she was an infant, couldn't afford clothes for her.

my son who is 13 just tried to steal condoms. He stole 3 other times some body spray, and some deodorant. We found out he liked a girl and it stopped after we’re had an officer pretend to arrest him lol

when our son was eight years old I caught him stealing a candy bar two different times in a store and then a couple months later I find out he had stolen a large candy bar a little girl had won at elementary school I wasn’t sure what to do so I took him and his brothers down to the police station and had the police talk to him which put the fear of God in him and his brothers. He never stole again

my sis stole a full size candy bar at 6 when my mom found out she drove us to the PD told the officer, playing along, he put my sis in a holding cell for a couple mins we have never stole since

my son stole my credit card and took it to the book fair! He was 9. Most recently he bought Xbox games with our credit cards. He has seemed to stop.

I was caught shoplifting a pair of earrings from Claire's

when my daughter was 2 she was the biggest thief! She was in a stroller so she would grab things off shelves at the mall without me noticing until later. Disney Store shirt. Bath and Body Works Oils. Victoria''s Secret soaps. Candy bars. Tags off clothing "because they''re cute". Anything at her eye level! I''d always make her return the items and she finally figured it out.

stole $.50 worth of beef jerky when I was 12 and I still feel guilty to this day! I'm 35!

my little brothers used to steal the un-blown up balloons from the grocery store. Both around the age of 5.

my little boy took my wedding ring & gave it to his teacher said it was from a .25 machine. Involved the cops 4 a lesson Has adhd & is still a prob w/$

my 8 year old cousin liked this girl at school. Her parents called my aunt saying that his "gift" was very nice but she couldn''t accept it. My aunt asked what it was, turns out he had given her a 100 dollar bill. When they asked him about it he replied that he got it out his dads wallet and he also had 3 more!! Lol

Ate a gummy shark out if the bulk bins when I was like 6 or 7 and had to be taken in the ''back office'' and was ''banned'' from the store for stealing. Obviously just a lesson from my mom and the manager but I took it VERY seriously lol

my sister stole from peoples house when we were kids. My dad woke her up in the middle of the night and drive her to "jail" and scared her half to death. I was bawling because she was wearing my PJ''s and I didn''t want my pJ''s to go to jail.

My and my friend would go steal our clothes and what ever. We got busted, cops came and when she got home overdosed and I wasn’t allowed to see her again and ruined the friendship. I was so devastated I never did it again

from ages 5 to 8 I stole toys blind bags, tamagotchi baby dolls, got caught took a kitchen knife into my room to open one

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