TEXT TOPIC: Did you break up after your trip?

my ex boyfriend and I went to Hawaii and he was super angry cranky the whole trip and I hated every second of it he was the worst person. Broke up with him on the flight on the way home. Come to find out he was coming off meth that he had been doing for the two months before we left for the trip. I had no idea.

we were already walking on eggshells because of some infidelity issues but we had a trip planned to Disneyland so we decided to still go on behalf of the kids and we ended up arguing a lot of the time and we split up after that

My BIL & his GF broke up after we had Thanksgiving at the family cabin in ID. He had beat her while there for wanting a cig w/his Mom was around.

found out while on vacation my (now) ex was cheating on me. Couldn’t figure out who he was texting the whole time we were out in Florida so i asked,I cold tell he lied to me, and I looked at his phone. Left him there and never talked again. He tried to come crawling back TONS of times

Celebrated 10 years of marriage in Cancun Got back she met somebody within two weeks and had an affair

went on a vacation with my ex to San Francisco. We were still together at the time but knew that it wasn''t going to last due to a few issues. However we still decide to go since everything was bought and paid for. Needless to say when we got home the relationship was over which is sad because the vacation was awesome.

Went on vacation to the south of France and Monaco. Husband made us eat at McDonald''s. Lunch and dinner every day because restaurants were "expensive". Not even once did we eat the French cuisine. That was the beginning of the end for us. I realized we have vastly different ideas about the value of money

Flew out to meet my boyfriend''s family and mutually called it quits the night I got home. Things were rocky to begin with but I loved his family so it made it harder.

went to Iceland this year, I knew before going it would make or break us.. I thought we had the time of our lives (pics to prove it).. got home Saturday, she broke up Monday..

went on a family camping trip & then day after we got home was sent a text from my ex husband after 10 yrs that he wanted a divorce. Wasn’t even man enough to call

my friend and I planned a road trip to Arizona where my ex lives and went to college but before the trip I found out about all the things he’d been lying about but we still went just to see him one last time. He didn’t know I knew everything the whole time then when we got home I broke up with him.

my girlfriend and I broke up right before a trip to Hawaii for both of our best friends' wedding. We still went together but it was way awkward.

went to Cali last year with my then boyfriend, he ended up proposing, once we got home I found texts of him cheating. I kicked him out of my house not even a week after getting back.

actually broke up with the guy before we were supposed to go to Cancun but because I was the second girlfriend that had broken up with him before the trip he couldn’t get it refunded and I would’ve had to pay $500 to cancel or I could go for free so I decided to go and was unfortunately reminded of why I broke up with him super awkward when we got back and I had to reiterate that we were still broken up

went on a trip to California with my (new at the time) boyfriend. When we got home, I found out he was also seeing someone else. We broke up, but within a week he decided he wanted to be with me. We dated about a year. A year later, he married her.

went camping with my boyfriend and his family and realized real quick I was not gonna fit in with this family and ended it as soon as we got home

went on a weekend trip with my boyfriend of 4 years found out he was cheating broke up with him 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant

camping w/ ex bf. he didn't bring enough food, equipment, & said it would be warm-it wasn't. he was unprepared in all aspects of his life. done!

My fianc and I went on a trip for my birthday to San Fran, at the restaurant we ate at the waitress was super into him. She slipped him her number and I didn''t know, turns out he went and saw her one night while I was sleeping. We broke off the engagement and they are now together 1 year later.

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