TEXT TOPIC: What situation are you in and you are in deep?

Got married after dating a couple years, my significant other came out as transgender. Tried staying together, divorced after a year.

we took on a house that needs to be renovated, it has cost more than we thought. At this point we just have to spend the money to finish it, so we can live in it.

i am living with my husband just bought a house together this year and have a kid together, realizing he has a serious anger problem and have to walk on egg shells around him.. feel like I’m stuck and don’t have anywhere to go and don’t want to loose my kid. He always said he would take my kid if i left..

it''s my 2nd marriage. Things were great. She was perfect, the dream woman for me. Until she banished my kids away only allowed her kids. R kids are all grown but I''m missing out on my grandkids now.

Planned a HUGE family vacation 15 people, unexpected bills came up and now I don''t know how I''m going to pay for everything

hired a friend at work as an accountant. Turns out she's an idiot and now I have to fire her and it sucks!!!

Applied for a job thinking it would be temporary, got hired right away. Kept looking for another job, but in the meantime, a bunch of people quit and I was quickly promoted. I love my bosses and my co workers, but HATE the job. Can''t leave now bc they really need me. It''s been 2 yrs.

I'm in way too deep. I have been going out with a girl, I'm also a girl. I'm not gay just lonely.

I''m stuck in a toxic relationship. 4 years and finding out he''s a narcissist. Comes from money, allows his kid to break laws. I''m trying to save money to leave. It''s so hard

My husband and I are in financial turmoil and I have know idea how to turn things around.

finally got a job at the company I've been applying to for years. I love my job but my boss makes me cry almost daily. He's a huge misogynist

Niece and Nephew were placed with us. now we are at the point of adoption and we are super overwhelmed and a little unsure! It's been REALLY HARD!

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