TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

I am thankful for my big brother Stetson . He has always been there for me. Been a father for me. now he is going through a hard time. I want him to know I love him and I am there for him.

I'm thankful that my sister could come visit. Throwing her a baby shower this weekend. She just found out she's having a boy!!

want to say thank you to my wife for being my rock when I couldn't work because of a heart infection. thank you wifey Iove you

My wife (Gaby) has been keeping me on my feet. Even with dealing with my abusive ex. Thank you for loving me and our daughter. We love and appreciate you!

Thank you to my boyfriend Kelton. My son got sick and threw up everywhere last night. Without his help and calm, i wouldn’t have made it through the clean up.

THANK YOU to ALL my friends for helping me through some pretty tough times. So lucky to have supportive, understanding,& loving people in my life

I want to thank my husband Ryan. He is always listening to my craziness and helping me through some tough times. Thanks for being my best friend and my rock. You make me laugh and feel better about myself. I love you so much!

I'm thankful for my wife! Being a stay at home mom is harder than working full time! Thanks for cleaning all the time....and keeping the creeps alive!

thank you to my husband who has horrible nights with our newborn while I go to work and still goes to work the next morning

want to thank my boyfriend for being my rock and my support during a crazy custody battle and dealing with stupid drama causing baby daddies

thank you to my friend Rachael. We have worked Out together every morning for the past 12 years. I love her like a sister and she makes me a better person every day

I want to thank my husband for working incredibly hard at work! Working his way up the corporate ladder so I can stay home and raise our children!

thankful For my wife. She is very patient with me working through my problems I have. She is the best and I love you boo

thanx to the hot chick at the gym this morning for the free show!!!! Lol

thanks for being a good friend as well as coworker and being available to "step into my office" anytime I need to vent for a minute

grateful for my dad helping me stay confident and set in my goals. When I mess us, he let me know that my mistake doesn't define me.

Thank U Shawnna 4 comin to my rescue yesterday & takin me 2 get my car, No thank you to the jerks that illegally towed my car

I’m thankful for my mom even though she couldn’t be around as much as she wanted to when we were little she worked her ass off to provide the lifestyle that all of us have now

mom & sister; was going thru hard time & lost my job. They help me thru depression & paid my rent for 9 months till I got better

Thanks to you guys (and Reggie) for the segment. I love taking a minute to think about all the people I would thank throughout the week

thankful for my grandpa. He is the best teacher and example of a real man. He helps me when I need it and is understanding. Love you G

I need to thank my wife. She is the most amazing person. The best mother to our daughters. And she even put her own job on hold to help out with taking the kids to school and pick them up. To help me out because I was having a hard time with my job. Working 55+ hours a week. I love you tons babe

Thank you to my daughter Sera. I had some extra Bill's go though and ended up being $500 short on rent and Sera paid the remaining amount of my rent

thanks to my family. Super supportive of us moving out of state next year for hubbys job.

would like to thank Wasatch Fire for fighting the fire at my grandmas house in TimberLakes. Last Thursday. Unfortunately it was a complete loss

my mom had four girls with absolutely no help because my dad wasn’t around she worked crazy shifts and even tried to better her education so for that I will always be grateful because of the lifestyle she has given us with no help

Thank u guys! I have listened to ur show for a long time. I went through a dark place in my life & u kept me laughing which helped so much. Thank u from my heart.

want to thanks all the advocate girls in West valley.

Thank you ZHT for making me gitty like a lil kid when you do this segment. Your boy Reggie

I want to thanks my friend kelly. She has with me in all times. Good and BAD

I am thankful for an amazing husband who rubs my back when I'm curled up with horrid cramps

thank you CC for being the best 1 yr old daughter. You da best baby. #happyDaDa #thxForMama #sheMadeUCute #DadUglyLikeUggs #thankGoodnessForMom

thank all the doctors and nurses who helped my mom through her breast cancer. nurses are angels

thank you to my girlfriend Sierra shes the best and is helping me get through full time work and school. It's been crazy lately and she is my rock

thank you to my sisters for pampering me on my birthday

thank my parents for letting us live with them while we move into a new home.

thank you to my family, my boyfriend, and my little boy. We got the news we are losing our unborn at 25 weeks along. I wouldn''t be able to get through this without each and every one of them.

thank you to my husband for supporting me and being my rock in starting my business

Thanks to you guys for making me laugh so hard every morning on my run I have to stop to catch my breath

thank you to my dad who is saving me financially and emotionally after my husband just left me 6 months pregnant

thank you to my 7 week old newborn son for letting me sleep 4 HOURS STRAIGHT last night! Woot! Mommy loves you!

thank you to my team members for sticking with me through the hard times and the lack of help I appreciate all the hard work you do and making my life easier by staying

thank you to myself for being so awesome and working so hard. My wife won't say it so I'm saying it to myself.

I''m 37 , I lost my mom when I was 13 to cancer, I need my mom now and don''t have her. I thank my older sister and best friend and significant other and my kids for being there for me!

thank you frankie, Jessica kylie and Wayne for putting a smile on my face everyday

Thank you to everyone for your support after my mom died. I love you all! Rhonda:)

thankful for my kids for dealing with my crazy assness going through a separation after 17 yr of marriage and my boys just help out in anyway they can.

Thank you for having such an amazing show and me finding you guys 16 years ago. Denver stations do not hold a candle to your show.

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