TEXT TOPIC: Family member who had to be rescued by Search and Rescue

my wife’s family are big Runners so they put together a Thanksgiving Day 5K in the Arizona desert. These were mapped courses marked by small post I took a wrong turn got lost in 110 degree weather they wound up sending search and rescue out for me on horseback I found an opening through a fence walked on the road for a few to my father-in-law family pick you up in the car take me back to where we started where the search-and-rescue were totally embarrassed

My Little bro, he had just returned from a 2 yr mission to LA and with days of his return he decided to hike the tallest mountain in SE ID alone, w/out food/water. Got dehydrated and cramped up at the top

My dad went missing at Willard bay over 3 yrs ago and we are forever grateful to the s&r who searched for three days for him. Not enough credit to s&r

I''m the blank. Broke my tibia plateau trail running duel creek canyon in centerville. 2 1/2 years later-after 2 knee surgeries-have to get my leg re-broken and reset-it healed crooked. Get the right dr people!!

we had search and rescue called for us by my grandma because we went on a hike that was supposed to be an hour that took 4 hours

nephew hiking n winter with no coat. S and R found him stranded on a cliff. Gma asked if they would scold him they said they leave that the gma's

as a member of search and rescue Frankie we prefer you call early cuz it makes the rescue easier and we won't name you.

my ex father in law. He used to go on drunken snowmobile rides. Had to call for help.....twice. #moron

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