TEXT TOPIC: What killed the mood?

What killed the mood when you and your lover were about to get it on? 

my wife says my Elmo voice is a mood killer. "Elmo loves you!"

Just got back from a trip with my bf and I was been planning on telling him that I was pregnant but randomly he said that he doesn’t know if he wants to have kids. So the mood was killed the rest of the trip for me and now I have this big awkward secret that will kill HIS mood when I finally tell him

I was giving my husband a honk honk and I was getting kind of bored but I looked Down and I look like a seal so started making feel noises and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was totally worth it

his sweat dropped in my mouth and in my eye. Gross!

my wife does all the time. She acts goofy not sexy when getting intimate. She will act like a completely different person and kills the mood.

pee wee Herman impression isn't nice for the mood. #ComeOn #notAbigAdventure How about impressions of all those sexy women you love in your shows

with my hubby of 10 years my bloody nose killed the mood. It was dark and he thought I was spitting on him so I put on the light and there was blood on his face, lol!!

put on a new cologne to impress my wife and it ended up smelling like her dad and she got super uncomfortable and she wouldn’t hug me for two days

so I am the worse at ruining the mood but one particular time my boyfriend and I were getting hot and heavy and suddenly I started asking about what we are going to do during our vacation which is two weeks away

well it wasn’t a spoken ruiner, instead it was a smell. My partner and I were in that moment when he started laughing because he has farted really loud and it did not have a flowery aroma

called my now boyfriend my now ex boyfriends name....

said OH Yaaaa in the kool aid man voice way loud. She was like... get off me.

ripped off my big toenail, went into shock, & had a naked seizure. Definitely a mood killer.

I'm just going to put this out there for everyone. When mom or dad walks in.

It’s not really what we’ve said or done but anytime we start to get it on and our dogs knows, like she senses it she will come sit either on the foot of the bed or at the edge of the bed and just awkwardly stare, the whole time.. mood ruined every single time. Now we have to be sneaky about it

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