TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text? October 9, 2018

dear boss, stop taking things out on me especially when there''s no way I could have controlled the situation. You''ve made me cry 4 times in a week, not to mention when people hear you talk down to me, they ask if I''m okay! If other people think you''re being terrible to me, you probably are being terrible!

I'm tired of him always wanting to see me, sleep with me and run away cause of I 5 kids.

You had your chance with your husband. He's my husband leave him the alone. Not divorcing!!!!!!!

If you want me, treat me like 1 IN a million, not 1 OF a million

Stop posting things about how all men are so terrible and than complaining that you're single and don't know why

I might be on maternity leave but that doesn''t mean that I''m not tired too. Stop calling our kid a brat for waking you up and stop acting like takingcare of him is such a freakin burden!! and just do it!

Dear Ex- you don't have to try to shove how HAPPY you are in my face. I've been over you for years. ACTUALLY move on!

saying you appreciate me goes a long way. Just because we are married doesn't mean I still don't need to hear it. Stop saying "you should just know, I don't

Stop trying to play mommy to my daughter. My daughter is too nice to say how much she can't stand you. Also, she doesn't want to go to your house.

Learn some manners and common courtesy don't sit at your desk and blow your nose like a three-year-old when you sit in open cubicles

No need to announce your Facebook 10 day departure!! Not the airport. Nobody cares.

Passive aggressive to my sister-in-law please stop complaining to me about my brother maybe you should get a counselor and talk to them I don''t wanna hear any more

Lady @the gym in ur tight workout clothes & perfect body don''t give me that disgusted look cuz I''m overweight. Just so u know I''m here 5days a week &down 20lbs. Im working hard

hate to tell you but posting about politics on social media is useless. Nobody changes their mind. Really. No one.

To my view couple friends that are so well off .stop bragging about your money maybe you can help pay for me sometimes

to my coworker stop talking from the time u get in until you leave. Shut up. No one cares to listen to u all damn day!

Hey guys I didn't wash his hands after leaving the bathroom I know who you are... gross

To my husband. If you dont start showing me attention soon I'm going to start looking elsewhere!

you’ve proven over the last 1.5 years that you can''t learn your job, just switch departments or quit already. It''s not fair to the rest of us to waste our time trying to retrain you when you are not capable of doing your job.

It's ok hubs, You don't have to ask me to take your professional photos even though I did it last time. I'm sure your secretary will do a fine job.

stop complaining that ur child support is too high. If you have $ to buy all new clothes & fly to meet ur new online hunnies, you can help support ur kids.

hey physical therapist, it's my knees that having problem, stop touching & pretending to rest your hands in other parts of my body, your perv!

Work in a dog friendly office. Just because you have a small dog doesn''t give an excuse to pee in the office, bark at/jump on/BITE people. If my 70pound dog can be a good girl so can yours!

thank you for making me feel worthless and tainted just because i was married before and have 2 kids. #datingsucks #imworthit

if you let your child chew on the bag of marshmallows at their store buy the dang bag don't put it back on their shelf for someone else to buy it. GROSS

How about you educate yourself. I have a Prop 2 sign in front of my house because I am a huge supporter of the initiative. My daughter has seizures &would benefit from it along with many other Utahns. It''s not just about marijuana. #Patientsrights

if the class average is a failing grade, maybe it's not our fault as the students. Learn to teach

people i work with! Hygiene is a thing! Also, stop tail gating me with your brights on you idiot in the truck sunday night sb I 15 by brigham at 7 pm!!!

don''t mind going to counseling and getting meds for my anxiety to help our marriage, but this will never work if you keep being up till 2-3 in the morning on your damn phone!

if you hate your job so bad, just quit. You are making everyone around you miserable. Just leave, bye Felica.

you think you know everything and take advantage of how independent this job is. Life is gonna hit you hard soon when you get fired and everyone is excited that you''ll be gone.

we hook you up and now both of you don't talk to us anymore not cool

Thank you for wasting my time and heart when you were never even willing to work on things to begin with.

Your child is a bully and a brat I don't understand how you don't see that she is ruining the cheer team

Nobody cares about your marital problems or wants to hear every single day how much your husband sucks. SHUT UP ALREADY!!

all of you northbound I 15 commuters taking the 600 N. exit, please learn how to merge don't stop in the middle of the freeway it's dangerous.

to the lady at work who takes ten breaks a day.. we all have anxiety and everyone else works there butts off. You don’t deserve the money you are paid hourly, stop smoking and maybe u can keep ur job after today

Thank you for letting me waste so many years with you.. I should have stuck with it when I tried to leave and you talked me into staying. You're a piece of CRAP

dear sister coming over to use my internet the day before your niece's birthday but not coming to her birthday party is a new low you are such a selfish B

Hey brand new gray Acura, you think you''re cool blowing past all of us in the merge lane...2 miles later I''m right behind you and I''ve been going the speed limit.

stop telling me to stop crying or that we can always have another kid it's only been 2weeks since he passed

yo hubby... no flirting with my best friend. If you want to role play, role play with me!

our son told me you were planning to go on a cruise Christmas when know damn well it's my year. That's messed up. Either he misses out or I do.

guess sleeping with my boyfriend wasn't enough. Now you have to sleep w/ my friends. Go to therapy & sort through your crap!!

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