TEXT TOPIC: What did you see on someone's phone by accident?

Wife’s friend unlocked her phone to show me something and a pic of her lady parts to her hubs was there

I''m a 35 year old male. My buddy hands me his phone 2 look at some hunting pics that he took. I''m swiping to the right and suddenly I see a d pic. I quickly swipe to the left and make sure that he didn''t notice that I saw. But now every time I look at him I can''t help but see it and my own feelings of inadequacy come sweeping in

When I was 11-12 yrs old, I was trying to figure out something on my dad’s cell phone and accidentally came across a shirtless photo of a woman (his now wife) whom I had yet to meet. Yikes! 10+ years later he still has no idea I have seen this

Friend was showing pics of her kids. Swiped right to see a pic of a playground slide. Wrong. That slide was her husband’s penis. Well done girlfriend. Get it girl!

Swiping through my mom''s phone of photos she had taken for me that day... swiped right into some pictures of her naked for my dad... she wasn''t embarrassed or ashamed at all lol

My husband (boyfriend at the time) was showing his dad his new Apple TV and was scanning through the pictures and BAM! There''s a picture of me topless. So embarrassing

Friend sent a snap to the group chat of his cat.. what he didn''t notice was his wife was in the background with her boob out just playing with it

saw my moms pic on my stepdads phone

My poor 14 yr old saw naughty pics on her uncle's phone! She still feels super uncomfortable around him!

b4 hubby and I were married he unknowingly shared a cloud with his parents, needless to say my they have seen me naked

a few years ago my best friend swiped and saw my boyfried's D and he was in the room with us. It was embarrassing at the time but now we laugh about it

I was helping my mom restore photos on her new phone and saw a pic of her naked. Quickly closed it out so she didn't know. Burned in my brain

work at a hotel and was trying to help someone connect to our WiFi on their phone. You have to go into an internet browser to do it. I did and it brought up a porn page. From now on I ask before I click on anything.

a lady showed the manager a picture on her phone to complain about what a carwash did to get car. When she handed the phone the picture had switched to some nudes!

I'm a hairstylist and my client was showing me pics of what she wanted her hair to look like and BOOM naked pic of her

my bff is kinda... A bit slutty. She was showing my mom a pic of her dog when mom swiped right and saw my friends two big balloons. Mom is scarred 4 life now

was helping my dad with his phone because he doesn't understand technology and I accidentally saw my moms nudes!

My husband was showing me a pic he took and I swiped and found nudes of his girlfriend that i didn't know he had. #oops #tookoutthattrash

Shared an iCloud with my father. Girlfriend sent explicit photos... forgot to turn off iCloud share and he saw EVERYTHING

my friend and his boyfriend send pictures of their dumps to each other for some reason. I think it’s a big joke they play on each other. Anyway, he is swiping on his phone to show me something and was swiping too fast, and up comes like 3 pictures of their crap

sent hubby a topless pic but when he got the text his boss was leaning over his desk and looked when the phone beeped.

Naked pictures of my sister on my husbands phone.

friend was showing pictures of his landscaping on his phone, he swiped too far and now I'm looking at porn

Friend was showing me pics. She swiped too far once on all fours showing her "brown eye". Gross!!!

my mother in law was showing pics to my kids on her phone and all of a sudden there was a naked pic of her in the shower. I was standing there so i saw it and now that''s all i can see when i look at her. So gross! Luckily my kids didn''t really see because she pulled it away quickly as soon as she realized.

100% my fault. Was showing my manager a pic and swiped when suddenly. . . . There are my boobs. Awesome. It wasn''t even the manager I would want to see them lol

My sister in law just told me she was showing her new husbands family all the wedding photos of Jamaica on their computer and she was scrolling and then popped up... A PIC OF HER VAG WITH A PURPLE VIBRATOR IN IT THAT SHE HAD LIKE SEXTED HER HUBS

saw a pic of my mother in laws boobs on my father in laws phone. I was scaroused. And pretty impressed to be honest

Had a boss (heterosexual male, married) that was doing some 1:1 training with me. He wanted me to read an article. Hands me his Ipad. I open Safari and "bam", gay porn site.

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