TEXT TOPIC: How did your kid cost you a lot of money?

spilled a bowl of cereal all over my dads brand new MacBook Air, rice didn't save it lol

My parents let me use their car for a few months. I didn't check the oil. Engine seized. Cost them $4K to fix.

In 2000 met some1 from philly in a chat room. Exchanged numbers, talked for hrs on end. Got the phone bill, cost my mom $4000. Mom beat my a$$

Had a brand new 4K smart TV for six days before a video game controller was put through the screen.

talking to a boy from Jordan, she gave me his # I thought Jordan high school. he was actually in Jordan the country. The cell bill was over $1000.

my daughter use 300 dollars bills to do a collage

My kid went swimming in the crater in Heber with my Key fob. I bought a new one then he ran it over w/lawn mower $700!

My husband and I had a rare weekend away in Vegas. A week later we found out that our 7 year old son had spent at least $600 on the PlayStation network for downloadable Minecraft extras while we were gone.

hubby spray painted his dads sports car, spray painted the dog and his sister, dropped a drill in a bucket of paint, banged holes in the walls with a hammer as a kid... scared to have kids with him lol

My daughter thought she would use a rock to draw some artwork on my car. Big area. Too deep to buff out.

when i was 12 i accidentally backed the car into my neighbor's house while trying to start it for the radio

My 5 year old cut up $560 of my older daughter's collected girl scout cookie money to do an "art" project

I was at work, working for a drilling company, when my two-year-old was being watched by my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, and he decided to play with somebody''s iPod. That said iPod ended up being thrown around the room as a toy and my two-year-old threw it into the brand new 47 inch flatscreenbreaking the flatscreen and I had to end up paying for a new one. That new one was not cheaper by the way. I still get to hear about it to this day by my wife when my son gets out of control and starts throwing stuff in the front room. I had a second incident about two weeks later where I got about 24 emails from my Kindle and apps being downloaded, that was from my other son. Altogether it was about 1000+

my rent money on the counter when my landlord came over it was gone. I had 10 days of late fees $40 a day until I found it in my kids cash register

was playing in my parents car, pretending to drive, I accidentally drove my moms car into my dads truck. That was an expensive accident

when I was 2-3ish I crushed my parents hard contacts. I just thought they were buttons.

3 kids on a cruise, didn't know internet wasn't included...$863 for online music streaming.

my son has flushed so many things. One plumbing bill of $550 and five new toilets. He is only 6. We are in to it over $1500

when I was exhausted and sleepy and my son had taken my finger to push it on my fingerprint on my iPhone to approve purchases for fortnite 300$ and a nap later my child was in trouble

looking at Amazon on the ipad and kept "looking at items" but was clicking the 1 click purchase button. Bought over a thousand dollars worth of random things

sons tablet was connected to my amazon account he spent $200

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