TEXT TOPIC: Dirty little secrets October 9, 2018

What skeleton in your closet would keep you from going into politics? 


About 15 years ago I hit a car and took off. Witnesses saw, called the cops and they caught up with me. even with my paint on the other persons car, I was able to lie and charm my way out of it. I have even worked in law enforcement since then

was super slutty in my early 20's. People who didn't know me then would be shocked!

married my ex-wife's sister. Ex-wife was not impressed. Lol

College was wild.... I had a few threesomes

I vape marry Jane

had a horrific experience with an ex boyfriend that resulted me into having a secret abortion. That’s something I would never want to relive. And the media would feed off of it

One of the biggest things would be I have a couple sex tapes with ex boyfriends that I’m guessing, even tho I told them to delete them, they could probably still resurface.

carried on an affair with my ex-wife’s marine brother. The family was unaware but the texts and emails are out there.

dated a married couple, lived with them for 6 months. After me they got divorced and 5 years later I am engaged to the husband. Even though it has been so long I am sure it would be spun that I was a home wrecker and the relationship with a couple would not go over well.

had a couple nights with 6 women at the same time getting really hot. And there videos that we’ve recorded. I’m a woman myself.

Cheated on my husband. We got divorced

had a lesbian relationship in high school and my family, husband and kids have no idea. I won't even go to a HS reunion.

dropped out of high school my senior year so I could get a full time job and help my mom with the Bills. Every job I''ve ever had that "requires" a high school diploma, I just mark yes I have it and have never been questioned. #dirtyLittleSecret. Now I’m a successful business owner and nobody knows I didn’t graduate.

too many topless photos of me floating around

I was the mistress the broke up a marriage

When I was in my 20s I was quite the klepto and with steal as much as I could

ANYTHING I did in high school. Smoking weed, taking my grandmas car off of jumps, missing class, drinking.

Statutory rape. I was 23, he was 17. It was completely consensual but still illegal

Had an account on Ashley Madison because I just wanted to sleep around after my divorce

have had an affair with my husbands childhood best friend for 3 years . I love his friend more then him. But can't leave my husband.

Me and my husband are active lds but we have an open marriage. Both of us have a girlfriend and boyfriend.

Got pregnant with my oldest during a one night stand, husband is aware of that, what he doesn’t know is that it could have also been my ex that could have been daddy


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