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Moved into my new home with my Fianc!

I'm alive God is amazing!!!

my daughter just had twins...a boy and girl..lovin life

hubby and I made our final cruise payment last night! Two years of waiting down, less than three months to go! Two weeks in the Caribbean!

I've been sober for a week now long up hill battle but life is good

After 5 months of planning, my daughter is finally getting married on Friday. Last wedding!

hubby and I finally had a weekend away from the kids and he ran the St. George marathon in 3 hrs 18 min.

finally came out

so excited to see Jessie J tonight. Haven't been to a concert in over a year. Time for mom and dad to have a night out.

to honor my brothers 29th Birthday yesterday we launched a foundation in his name to help today’s youth in getting treatment and counseling to combat opioid addiction in Utah

We woke up, another day another day to be thankful something good (:

Church is not only 2 hours long instead of 3! Thank you Jesus!

starting a new position at work getting a promotion but have to work 10 days straight....worth it!!!!!!!!!

something good? I'm listening from BRAZIL, came here to surprise my mom, staying for 2 weeks <3

sad to leave my 11 weeks old baby to go back to work but happy to have a job and grateful for my mom to watch my baby.

my favorite radio station did a segment I suggested. I was having a hard week and it made my week. Love you guys. Your boy Reg

After looking for weeks we finally found a fifth wheel and bought it. Now we just need to sell our trailer.

Put a offer on a my first house Saturday and they accepted my offer yesterday!!!

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Frankie and Jess

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