TEXT TOPIC: You did what as a kid that is coming back as karma as a parent

made a slip n slide in my parent's living room using their table cloth. My son made a white sandy beach in my living room using white sugar.

colored on her brand new wallpaper with blue sharpie. My daughter has now done the same thing with black sharpie

remember cutting the the screen on the screen door at my mom's old house, and she got really mad at me!

Growing up my mom would always say "why do you whine whenever you talk?!" And I didn’t understand how I was whining until I started saying that to my5 year old.

lets just say I was a "difficult" child. And now I have a threenager who is giving me all the payback I deserve. Sorry mom and dad.

I was a slob! My messy room never bothered me. Now all I do is scream at my kids to clean up.

probably about six years old and I was writing a note to my mom and part of it said I love you I wrote it with a pen and was pushing very hard on her new end table in the front room. The in printing is still pushed into the wood on that table.

broke my parent's coffee table practicing baton in the house. My son carved the alphabet up to the letter 'H' into my coffee table.

my dad got it. He liked to party. My sisters most def we're into the parting. #hotrod #imdaveandiliketoparty

When I was mad at my mom I would talk crap under my breath as I headed to my room and then would let it all out! Now my 9yr old son dies the same thing! Talks crap bout the rules in his room!

Growing up, my Dad worked long hours. So when he was home, I would follow him around and the house talking and asking questions, nonstop. If he was in his wood shop, I''d sit on a stool and talk. On the toilet or in the bathtub? I''d sit outside the door and yap away. He''d always beg me to go tell my mom my stories and I''d say, "I already did!" Now my youngest daughter follows me everywhere and will not stop talking or asking questions! I can''t get a moment of silence! I''m so sorry Dad!

From about 10 I talked back to my mom. Actually called her the b word. I have a daughter 10 times worse than I was.

would always sneak into my parents bedroom at night & sleep with them. Now I share a bed with 2 kids & my husband. Sorry mom & dad.

used my dads tools w/out asking and didnt put them back, 20 years and 5 kids later, I can NEVER find my tools!!! #Paybacks a B

my son wipes his boogers on his wall by his bed. I did the same thing

MY mom used tell me I have a sharp mouth never knew what she meant. now my 4 ur old has a mouth sharp enough to slice metal

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