TEXT TOPIC: Who do you want to THANK?

I'm thankful for my wife. Even though things are really hard right now, you are by my side and I love you

Thanks to my mother in law, Emily Roberts, for taking all of us to the FALL OUT BOY concert! We had amazing seats and an amazing time! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! '

Thank you baby-daddy, my hubs, Jeremy!! He is so helpful, loving, excited about milestones with our kids, and hands on. I. Just. LOVE. You!!

very thankful for my parents and siblings. First pregnancy and they could not be more supportive! Love my clan.

Just want to say thanks to my husband Charlie for always supporting me and our son and dining what ever it takes love you

thankful for Footsteps for Fertility Foundation and my parents. Without them my husband and I wouldn’t be going through IVF in November! Hopeful for our rainbow baby!

thankful for my husband and two little boys. They are so sweet and take such good care of this momma

thanks to y'all for allowing me and my wife to come visit the studio for my birthday back in April. It was a really cool experience.

I just wanna say thanks to my mom Vicki for saving my life I was addicted to drugs for 6 years she called and turn me in I have now turned my life completely around

want to thank my dad. I rent his house, and I have never brought a guy home before, I never really dated, but I just moved my boyfriend in and all his stuff, and he is 20 years older than me, and my dad has been awesome about it. I love you dad, you are the best dad anyone could have

thank you ZHT for making this a segment. You are the bomb. Been listing sense I was in middle school. It mine and my sisters thing. Your boy Reggie

want to say thank you to my wife for being strong during this pregnancy. I know you're sick and miserable but you'll be a great mother. I love you

wanna thank my boss and coworkers at Allen's camera in SLC Utah they all pitched in to cover my $229 vehicle repair

SO grateful for my family for being so supportive through this last year, because it has been hell

thank you to my mom. I work full time and nursing school full time I'm also a single mother of 3 children She cares for my kids while I go to school & work

want to say thank you to my wife for helping me overcome my short comings. I love you boo

Thank you to my amazing husband! He went 15 mins out of his way to bring me my phone

would like to thank my fianc for alway supporting me in what I do and for always looking out for me! He is amazing and treats me like a queen evenwhen I don''t deserve it. He always tries to make me happy even if it means giving up his happiness but I''ll never let that happen! Thank you, my future husband!

thank you to my amazing fianc, he didn't need to step up for my 3 kids but has. He's our rock and we're so lucky to have him. I love you Booboo

wanted to thank my coworkers for surprising me. I''m pregnant and was talking about how I''m not sleeping well because I''m uncomfortable. They boughtme a pregnancy pillow and had it delivered to my house!

want to thank you guys!! You are awesome and it makes my morning listening to you all!

want to thank my husband for being such a good provider he works 14 hours a day so that I can stay at home and raise our baby boy he’s awesome his name is Cory Brewer and I love him so much.

want to say thank you to Frankie and Jess for giving a small town girl a shot. I’m living in a dream every morning I sit in front of the mic, and get to learn from the best. Love you guys!

thanks hubby for taking the day off to stay home with sick kids. You're a great dad and we're lucky to have you!

I am thankful for my Boyfriend and how hard he works so I am able to drive my car

hubby is in the guard & working night shift 2 help with flooding in UT county thnks to him & all other soldiers sacrificing family time 2 help out

Thank you to my coworker. Shes such a joy to laugh and joke with! Definitely makes work a lot more fun!

My husband of 4 yrs partner for 11 yrs. Thank you for being my rock at my weakest points and for being an amazing father to our son! Just went I thought I couldn''t love you more. I do.

Thanks mommy!!! Working with you wasn''t something I ever imagined but you help me understand difficult cases at work and are always willing to take time to share your 20+ years of knowledge with me and others. I wanna be you when I grow up!

want to thank my dad, he does so much for me, I don't know what I'd do without him. love you dad.

just want to say thank you to my beautiful wife Jodi for being an amazing mother lover and best friend the sacrifices you do for me and our family are incredible your kind heart is your best trait I love you and you’re my best friend love your husband Josh

want to thank the Lord for blessing me for more than I can ever deserve and also another day of life!

Thank you to my son for serving in the Navy and being my hero

thankful for my ex-husband, he was bad spouse but he's a great dad and I am always grateful for his help

shout out to Usana! They just added paternity leave to their benefits. It was so nice to have my husband home when we brought our third baby home!

Thank you to the most amazing parents in the whole world. You made coming out so much easier than most

want to thank my fianc for putting up my crazy ass! I love you boobie!

Thank you to my mom for scheduling me my first appointment to attack this anxiety that I''ve been having for a long time and thank you to her for being extremely supportive and understanding

Thank you to my husband for never letting me get my own gas and for giving me massages even though he deserves them more

thank you to ZHT! You guys get me through each and every morning for the last 15+ years!!! Love you guys!!

Thanks to all the firefighters, cops, and paramedics who keep us safe.

Thank you to my husband for the last 21 years of marriage make me laugh every day

want to thank and congratulate my daughter for my granddaughter DOB 10/4/18

thank you to my husband Trent for staying home from work after me and the baby got sick. I don't deserve you!

Thanks to my mom and grandma and family for being so supportive and strong! Taking care of my grandpa 24/7 who has unfortunately passed this morning! Love you grandpa

Thanks to my boyfriend, Steve, for dealing with my chaos!

thank you to my best friend Drew. Because you made me promise to see you the next day I did not take my own life. I can't thank you enough

thank you to my mama, she's always loved me unconditionally and been there for me

hank you to all the strong women that are standing up and telling your stories during this hard time. We rise together.

thanks to my husband who is going to school full time and still makes taking care of a wife with a wicked autoimmune disease a priority. Thanks for being strong when I am weak

however I am truly grateful for the 3 most amazing and beautiful daughters you provided your DNA so I could have them!!! They are my life THANK YOU

thanks to my wife krista kendrick for making me a better woman and supporting me even when I'm moody I love mommas

thnx to my sr mgr for giving my coworkers and I a chance to deliver Tesla''s up in our last minute trip to Bellevue this weekend. The 16+hour work day and seeing happy customers made me appreciate my job at Tesla even more.

I am so thankful for my family, the job that I have been given because my husband was laid off everything happens for a reason. I''m also thankful that I was able to have a son at the age of 40

want to say thank you to my wife for all the support and love you've given me now that I am starting the journey to my weight loss surgery.

thanks to my neighbor for noticing a low in my depression and just being a smile and kind word when she sensed I needed it.

Thank you A-Aron busting your butt at work AND school, so that I can stay home and take care of these awesome kiddos of ours. Can’t wait for you to graduate this December and see you live your dream (he’s going into Law Enforcement)!

thanks to my boyfriend, this year he lost his business, had to move back in with his family, & deal with the stress of starting over in a whole new career despite this he is still the grounding force for me when my anxiety goes out of control and I stress over small things

Thanks for making me cry. Love you guys!

thanks to all who aren't in my life. U've made me into the person I am and wouldn't want to b any1 else

thank you to my bf for helping make my dream come true by watching our daughter while I get my degree and working overtime to help pay for my school I love

Thank You for being such an amazing Doctor, Dr. Buchanan. We wouldn't pick a better person to care for our baby. Thank you for taking pride in your work.

thankful for my wife. She is a hard worker and the best mother to our sweet Clara Capri. I love you.

thank you to skinny for being my best friend and partner. You''re a hard working loving man and you''re amazing to our 5 kids and you make my life happier every day! You''re love PORSHA

want to say thank you to my therapist. She has helped me come back to being me and helping my marriage. Shes truly the best

THANK YOU To the man who stopped on I15 and changed my tire. He saved my day. even followed me off the exit to make sure I was safe. Yay for heroes!

Thanks to my husband! He is an amazing dad and he encourages me to take care of myself. Always tells me I’m wonderful and never mentions if the house is cluttered or cares about not having dinner ready. Love him!!!

Grateful to my husband's family for treating me like family from day one! I married into the best family!

Thank you honey for finding a new anti depression medicine I live you so much, PEANUT

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