TEXT TOPIC: What is the beef with your neighbor?

My parents own Pigeons and their neighbor tried to shoot the pigeons with a BB gun because he says they poop on his Hummer and it cost him "500 a week to wash his car" that’s the beef they have with the neighbor.

I have beef with my neighbor because he's a d. That's all.

We live in between two neighbors who have 10+ people living with them, so we only have one extra parking spot for when people come over. Also our neighbors behind us leave their dogs out 24/7 and knock down our fence when we let our puppies out. Cant win

got an anonymous letter complaining about my kids toys being on my yard saying it is a bad view. I of course ignored it, a week later I caught my neighbor on my ring taking my kids bikes from my yard, oh she got an earful that night

My neighbors kids tease my dogs so they bark, so they hate them. They said my dog got under the fence and attacked theirs, but when the cop got there said he couldn’t really see what she looked like. She would have had to move a lot of stuff to get under the fence. It went to court and the prosecutor said ''this is ridiculous'' and threw out the case thankfully

My neighbors dog poops on my yard every day. She won''t take the dog in her backyard. I asked her to start picking it up and not leave it so she picksit up now and leaves it on top of my trash can with notes. The last one she left on my trash can I threw all over her driveway.

Neighbor dug a hole and cut my water line coming from the street and told me it broke. White suprematism, I have mixed kids. He built bombs, FBI terrorist task force came and took him to jail.

hate my old man neighbor. Yelled at him for trying to hit my dog with a shovel because my dog ate his cat food that he leaves on his driveway. Lostmy sh*t @ him and now it''s an endless beef.

My neighbor puts his grass clippings all over my husbands car and pushes it in front of our door!

my neighbor wants to be best friends. I hate her. She''s weird as hell. She even asks MY babysitter if her kids can stay with her in MY house with MYkids while I''m at work. LEAVE US ALONE!

neighbors let their chihuahua's out without leashes and they poop in everyone's yard & then go back inside.

our neighbor is THE WORST. He threatens to sue neighbors over things like having lawn signs, planting colorful flowers & Xmas decorations

my neighbor has 7 cars and they park them constantly in front of our house. So annoying when it's time for garbage pickup and no place for my trash cans in

our neighbor makes the neighborhood look so trashy/redneck with their makeshift pallet sandbox and pathetic excuse for a fence

live in a duplex & my side neighbor is an angry drunk. She literally gets into fights every night throwing things around then has unreasonably loudsex

we live in a condo and my neighbor calls us constantly if there''s ever a guest car in the guest parking spaces. He called 6 times on my wedding day.He also wants me to put my cat on a leash because he has bird feeders out and she chases them.

grew up here new neighbor sent awful lies of our animal damaging others property wasn't true proven by other neighbor she did all this the day my FIL died

My sister hates all the neighbors. Shes the worst and they dont know it. At night she puts morning glory all over their yard. Throws lawn decor away And still brings them cookies and baked treats. Im girly but I work alot and keep to myself, so while she seems friendly I look like the a-hole. And they all ask. Hows your sister?

My neighbor hasn t cleaned his outside dog s kennel in three years freakin gross can t even go on that side of my house oh he hastwo large dogs

surrounded by townhomes. One of them keeps calling the cops on my dog who "barks" all day but she doesn't bark. Grow up and come talk to me.

my neighbors fight so bad we call the cops at least twice a month and the neighbor upstairs must be an elephant cause they are so loud

my neighbor has a squatter living outside his home. She never goes inside. Then she throws her cigs in my yard. She's bout to catch these hands.

chickens, roosters, mice, 15 cars parked into the circle, burning trash, 7 families living in a single family home. Hate my neighbors!

new rude dbag neighbor, my dog barked @ him & he filed a noise complaint. Found out he worked at a morgue, dog must have smelled dead people lol

bought house, full fenced yard. Neighbor cemented new post in front of driveway gate saying fence is in wrong place. 5 years later moved fence to stop the fight

Neighbor left a hot dog laced with rat poison trying to kill my dog. I was comparitively lucky it wasn't antifreeze. Almost lost my best friend

my neighbor started a hate twitter account because we put up a Utes flag.

told my gay neighbor to put pants on. I''m glad you''re proud and feel great wearing a thong. I hope that thong was as comfortable when you got arrested for breaking windows.

my coworker has an awful neighbor. Neighbor will water her lawn two or three times a day and once caused her neighbor''s basement to flood. Still Waters excessively. Drought dumbass

neighbor tried to build a fence way into our yard. HOA ended up telling them to tear it down. Now their dogs bark into the night waking up my kids.

new construction, finally got verbal agreement w Nbr 2 install fence. After install Nbr changed his mind and isnt paying his half.

We have a 9 year old next door who comes from a broken home, is homeschooled and doesn''t follow social cues very well. She comes to play with my sixand four-year-old all the time. When they do, she teaches them bad things. I spoke with her mother & she insisted they did not get it from her child & blamed the toddler next-door. So we don''t play with her anymore, we have to make a new excuse every day. #awkward

Constantly stepping in dog crap in OUR yard... From BOTH neighbor''s dogs... Clean up YOUR dog''s crap... or don''t own dogs! Between the Barking & crapping in our yard... we don''t speak anymore. Yeah... #BAD neighbors.

live in a apartment complex and there's some of my neighbors that purposely parked on the line so they take up two spots so no one can touch their car

nghbr has been with me. I called police cuz he was hitting his adult daughter. I dont care

beef with the neighbor they got mad about a tree that we needed to trim and half on the park strip so we could park our trailer he called the city onus worst neighbor

they've told us that we need to go back to mexico. i was born in utah wtf

had a schizophrenic neighbor who called the cops 1-2 times a week claiming we were trying to kill him. Cops would come, put him in a straight jacket and take him to the hospital. Every time they’d take him to the hospital and release him within hours. This went on for 2 years before I broke my lease and left due to complex not doing anything

before moving into my home my neighbors above us in the apartment had teenage girls and they would ask my 11 and 12-year-old boys if they wanted to smoke

My neighbor is always renting his room out to shady people. Cause he can't afford his mortgage cause he drives fancy cars ..

Neighbors moved in about 3 years ago. Too many problems to list. Plowing snow onto other neighbors driveways and stairs. They tried to landscape part of our property and flipped out when we didn''t let them. Let their dog bark all day. Everyone hates them!

my beef with my neighbor is that their daughter is a bossy, controlling brat, so I encouraged my daughter to stand up for herself and tell her to stop. Guess I stepped on momma bears toes to have my kid stand up for herself. Now they ignore us like the plague, and we used to be besties.

(Living in an apartment) our neighbors would always bang on our door or ceiling at night and accuse of being too loud. We are the most quiet neighbors! We never make noise. She''s insane! Eventually she moved out! Thank God!

our kids play b-ball in the driveway during the day. The neighbor wife comes over annoyed at them cuz her baby was asleep with the window open

just obnoxious Over the years seen the cops For Them starting your house on fire Taking away a small child because the inside of the house smelled like animals shit Domestic violence youngest chasing girlfriend with a knife beat up his brother in the Fight

lived in an apartment and had a downstairs neighbor come up and accuse us of making drugs when we were tenderizing steaks for dinner.

Our neighbor called the cops on my husband for laying in the hammock in the back yard. Told the cops he was a homeless black man. She’s seen us multiple times.

We’ve lived in our home for 10 years. Old crotchety man moves in next door... he throws his cigarette butts into my yard. My son has seen him shovel cat poo onto our driveway.. so I''ve thrown both back over onto his yard. He stares at the kids in our neighborhood. Hes yelled at my kids for jumping OUR fence into OUR yard! He is super creepy. Definitely want to move now!

asked our neighbor 2 keep her cat from pooping in our yard she refused, we bought a trap caught it and sent it to the pound! Yes it is legal to do!

Tried replacing our fence falling over&neighbor would NOT let us touch THEIR fence. They sent certified letter claiming possession, they can pay now

have cameras outside my house because my creeper neighbor across the street wont stop slowly driving by staring at me AND my 15 year old daughter. He is so freakin creepy.

my sis in law's neighbor has called the cops on her several times just for the kids being too noisy while playing outside...Basically just for being kids.

my sisters crazy neighbor stole her brand new puppy out of her backyard, threw away the collar, and dumped the pup in a grocery store parking lot at night... currently looking for a new house

Live in town home (share walls). Neighbor called the cops for TV being too loud. Cops showed up like "why am I here". Neighbors moved. Hallelujah.

everyone on the street hates him he is a jackass grumpy old man that one time told a kid that he will kill his dog on front of him if he come to his front yard . Psycho SOB what kind of person will say something like that to a little kid.

neighbor asked my bf 2 have sex, goes out in undies,burned dumster/fence/blew car tire, hit on me @ our house, asked if she could have sex w/our dog

we're convinced our neighbor poisoned our cat. They're psycho. Fences make great neighbors!!!

My old neighbor accused me of peeing over her fence on her dog

We have a neighbor that is horribly miserable. She yells at all of the kids on the street, she throws her crap over the fence. If a ball or something goes over her fence she’ll keep it or will pop it. We call her the Beast from the Sandlot ha, ha, ha. She’ll show up to our house telling us there’s a problem and it needs to be fixed... the problem is she lives on this street! We’re hoping that the Shady Oak’s retirement home (referring to the movie "Up") shows up to take her away. She needs to move to a senior village... she’s a complete mess. She told us that she wished her husband (they were separated at the time) would wrap his new truck around a tree... two weeks later he was drunk driving and was killed in a single car accident. I’ve never known someone to wish stuff like she does on people.

our neighbors house sits behind ours a little bit. Not directly behind but he has a driveway that goes past our backyard. We do not have a fence. He will not let us use his driveway for anything. One example.. We wanted to park on it to haul out some railroad ties. He would not let us. He has 2 sets of chains across his driveway so there is no way to just use it when he is gone. Also when we first moved in we have a trampoline and he put a dragon thing right next to the property line right by the trampoline. He can''t even see it from his house.

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