TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that is missing?

My Uncle disappeared for 10 years we thought he was dead because he had severe health problems my company sent me to Vegas for a job and my mom was down there also we just happened to see him pushing a shopping cart/homeless I made him come back to Utah with me he spent the last five years of his life with his kids. We couldn’t believe it like seeing a ghost

ma in law will get sad or mad & not answer the phone & just run off. We find her w/ a app. I send pics of her Granddaughter to make her come home

my niece who is schizophrenia and is basically homeless has been missing for close to a year, nobody has heard from her or seen her. She was found once before but left again, she’s in her 20''s and off her meds. So sad not to know if she’s ok or alive

My sister goes missing at times. We will call and or text her and she doesn’t answer for a bit. She’s like I came home and fell asleep. She has 5 year old boy guys

My uncle went missing. It ended badly, he was Kay Ricks the uta worker that was murdered

Missing...I went missing. Was in a disagreement with my parents when I was 24...wasn’t living at home, needed a break from school, moved to a parking lot in N Utah ski resort, lived in a snow cave not knowing they had been trying to find me for three months. Police not involved.

On our Dream vaca. Last day there found out my uncle was missing. Sadly, he committed suicide.

my best friends daughter went missing and she ended up being killed by the babysitters. The millerbergs. Ps

only got 5 years and gets released this month!

My cousin 43 years old went missing since December 23 of last year in France No one knows what happened to him.

My oldest sister is in her 30''s we haven''t heard from her in a couple years. Abandoned her 3 kids, her husband just asked yesterday on FB if anyone has seen or heard from her cause the kids miss her.

my grandpa went missing when my dad was about 12. Still to this day we have no idea what happened to him.

Right after I graduated HS I was grounded for 2 weeks, like extreme grounding. No phone, no car, no internet, no anything. My friends legit thought Iwent missing cause they hadn''t heard from or seen me since graduation day. Friends help search parties and cops were involved and everything, they found me at my house in all my grounded glory lol

my cousin went missing her senior year of high school. She was failing classes and thought she would never get into college. She tried to drown herself and when she couldn’t go through with it she tried to tell the family she was kidnapped. She was gone about a week. But happy to say she’s doing great and graduated college.

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