TEXT TOPIC: What did you witness that you can't unsee?

saw a bicyclist get hit by a car. The car tire slowly rolling over her head is engraved in my mind. Luckily she survived

never unsee the time I caught my dad cheating on my mom

drive fork lifts I saw a video of a hand getting smashed by one.

my mom naked. I am 25 and it happened when I was 6. It forever ruined me.

saw an auto pedestrian accident in Provo last week. The pedestrian didn''t make it. I keep having flashbacks and don''t want to drive anywhere! Lifeis so precious

walked in on my parents twice doing it. Once's I just knocked on their door and it popped open and once I just opened not knowing they were home.

I was 9. Asked what my cuz was doing. She said feeding the baby want to see? I looked... saw her boobs. I just said neat and ran out horrified

my husband is a cop. Last weekend he saw 3 dead bodies in 4 days. One was the body on the side of the freeway.

just about a month ago I witnessed a 9 year old die due to being hit by a car in SLC. I cried even though I didn't know her.

small plane crashed when my bro was younger. Mom told him not to go down there but he did and saw the dead bodies.

used to work at a county jail, so I have A LOT of memories, but I watched a man high on spice naw off the tip of his thumb and rip off all his finger and toe nails one by one. There was blood everywhere. Had to enter in full hazmat suits to sedate him.

I''ll never forget seeing my preemie after he was born. He was 1 pound, translucent skin, eyes still fused shut. He''s doing great now, but I''ll never et where he started.

i saw my grandma pass away. I noticed her take her last breath(brain cancer) and had to tell the room.

was on my mission in Peru and we saw a crowd so we walked over and there was an aborted baby on the sidewalk. It was Mother''s Day. Still can''t shake the image.

saw my parents doing the deed when I was like 5. I was hearing noises and slightly opened their door and they busted me busting them!!

helping a buddy at his hotel walked past a room with door wide open and an old couple just walking around!

An elderly man went into diabetic shock while driving in a parking lot & I saw him crash into people. It killed a 9yo girl. I still jump at cars screeching

can't unsee my Mom yellow and puffy in a coma in the ICU. The hour before she was talking. Not prepared

while I was in Colombia, I saw a guy that got hit by a bus. His head was crushed and he was laying in his brain bits and a giant pool of blood. It was weird because they didn''t cover him up, and there were a lot of people standing around him

my sisters chihuahua mix dog was attacked by a German shepherd dog through the fence at our parents house and I ran out to help and had to pull her leg out of his snarling jaws. I will never forget the sight of blood and bone, or her puppy screams.

Saw a high speed chase come to an end on I215, when the police walked up the the guy he shot himself in the head as I was passing. Gross but I stillremember the hole I saw through his head.

dad passed away and can't get the image of his dead body out of my head. Ugh.

something that I cannot on see, is a father carrying his young son in Iraq who was burned over half of his body.

I am 39! I walked in on my dad manscaping in the 80's

walked in on sister and brother in law when I was an early teen. Mid 30's and It still makes me ill.

saw my heavy mother in law bent over naked putting lotion on.

I'll never forget the old naked guy at the gym using the hand dryer on his crack after his shower.

my husband as an adult walked in on his mom vacuuming with no shirt on

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