TEXT TOPIC: What regret do you have from going to Vegas?

Buying a time share with my ex wife.

my wedding

got married after being with someone for 6 months, I knew it was wrong and ended up getting divorced a month later.

I regret getting so drunk I had to be taken to my room in a wheelchair. It's sort of funny now but still very embarrassing.

tried climbing up the second story balcony at our timeshare. Cousin tried pulling me up and lost his grip. Fell down and bounced off our truck and gave my wife a heart attack. Definitely regret doing that

had 2 guys in a car hit our car they had a noticeable hooker with them and they said they had no insurance so I told them give me all the money they had in their pockets and I won’t call the cops. I got screwed they only had $381 and the damage ended up being just over $1500. Should of called the cops

went down to visit family because my husband and I were having issues for quite a long time got drunk and made very bad decisions with a neighbor guy-- I went over there next door for him to show me his house... next thing ya know we were on his bed, making out. For some reason we moved it to the backyard and hooked up on the lawn. I FELT/FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT IT!!! but it DEFINITELY stayed in Vegas!!! one of the worst decisions of my life... that one is going to the grave with me!!

got very drunk and made out in my hotel room with a guy that had just gotten out of prison, smh

I mean, it's not a regret. I love that I have my sweet baby boy.. but that definitely didn't stay in Vegas.

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