TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

YES! We left our wives for each other! We're gay and have 4 daughters! So what! Keep talking about us while you go to church and the temple.

You do not have ADD. Stop using that as an excuse to be lazy. You’re a grown adult, time to learn some discipline. Your excuses are not fair to those that actually have ADD.

dear all drivers give all semi drivers their effing space

just cause you slept with best friend doesn't mean you can sleep with my husband I hope you get hit by a bus #thot

hey Insurance Company it sucks that I have to be very sick but on top of it you make me do a run around to get my prescriptions covered you can go f yourself

Stop telling ur parents u have been trying to see ur son when u haven't. No calls no texts no visits. Judge called u out for it! Stop lying!

I get your territorial but telling us. while someone is getting medical treatment that WE had to call is not the time to tell us

I am so glad that you had fun on your "family girls trip". It is so convenient that every year you forget 2 of your herd, with the promise of an invite next year.

Congrats in making MoTab...now shut up. It's been months & we're not impressed anymore. Quit trying to force us to listen to you sing

if your going to take all the money from them company and not share with the partners that do the work at least know how it works or do some work

Dear child I tell u to wear deodorant both so u don't get called the stinky kid. But also so I don't fight puking on the ride home

My office manager always farts and they wreak

grow up when you are asked to doing something at work don''t cry about it just do it don''t complain . we are a team put on your big girls panties buck up and do your job

Dear Boss, when I put PTO ( personal time off) it is none of your business what I'm using it for. Please stop Becky

to the lady that's all doom and gloom at my work, don't complain about back stabbed when you yourself are a back stabber

you're the worst referee I've ever seen. You're a disgrace to the game and I hope to never see you again

to my lovely wife, I love helping out everyone when I can. But please stop offering my services out for everything without asking me first! I have a life and outside of working 50-55 hours a week, and being a dad, sometimes just going home and relaxing would be nice for a change. If you want to offer anything, offer going fishing or to dinner with the kids. P.s. I still love you!

my SIL needs to be recognized for everything! I set up a surprise for my husband and she will tell everyone it was her idea. It was my idea! She just helped me with some details.

to the B who broke up our group of friends, why the F would I hangout with you when you were the reason our group of friends broke up!

how dare you try to make my destination wedding about you! I brought you along not to try and take over! glad we aren't friends anymore.

I get it you might not be Ok if your Son is dating a me. Everyone else in the family is OK with it stopped acting like I don''t exist. I''m not a bad person to date! I have a degree full-time job, be a good mother!

Mom please act like our mother and not our best friend.

we were only married a year. I filed 10 months ago. Let me have my life back and let this divorce be done.

dear Christ like fam STOP gossiping about my life. beating others down to make yourself feel better is a pretty shitty way to live

How is it that you can work your ass of... do everything you're asked to do and you get demoted? Really? I'm done with you're bs lies. #lookingforanewjob

if you hate working with us so much, then just quit. No one wants your negativity, and stop slamming doors and stomping around!

I get in that your dad died of cancer when you were young, that doesn’t mean you could cry every time we dish out the type of teasing you dish at us.The part of the friend group!

hey mr k. A few things. Just because you can''t sit by the window sit at work does not give you the right to treat others like crap and be rude.. Plus just because you did not get the promotion. And someone nice did. Cheer up.eat a snickers.

my coworker loves to complain about her job and pick out issues with her process. BIG DEAL CRY BABY, JUST WORK!

don't call me the failure for losing my job when you still live at home with Mom, your girlfriend, and her son. RENT FREE

stop saying that you understand my weight struggle because you have a hard time gaining weight! I''m sorry that you look good when you don''t even try!#skinnybitches

You haven''t started your new job yet and stay home all day, so excuse me if I don''t care that the dishes in the sink make you crazy. What do you do all day? Just do them! I work and go to school while you sit there and smoke. There is no reason the house is a mess and you aren''t all moved in yet.

I'm tired of always helping you out but you're never there when I need it. Stop being so selfish.

Those who use the 4way stop outside westvale elementary on a daily basis. LEARN HOW A 4WAY EFFING WORKS! you can get a driver's ed hand book at the DMV ;)

To my father in law. You''re a horrible father and you set your children up for failure so they come crawling back to you. You love being in control and can''t handle your children trying to grow up.

It makes me extremely uncomfortable to know that you're sleeping around with several of our customers from work. You're married, they're married too.

I bet it sucks knowing you ruined the best thing that ever happened to you. Now you''ll always live with that regret, while I live with my fantasticwife that you let go. I got the girl in the end.

I'm sick of bending over backwards to cover up the fact that you're a selfish parent. Maybe it's time to put our kids' needs first for once.

wife changes plans at the drop of a hat. Gets a new plan in her mind and doesn't communicate them. She is but holds me accountable.

My job is to raise money for kids with life-threatening diseases, I do want to vent a year, you are my best friend I don''t understand why you can''t come I come to all of your work events!

wife changes plans at the drop of a hat. Gets a new plan in her mind and doesn't communicate them. She is but holds me accountable.

My job is to raise money for kids with life-threatening diseases, I do one event a year, you are my best friend I don''t understand why you can''t comeI come to all of your work events!

Hey white trash skanky ho!!! There is a special place in HELL for a mom that uses a credit card in her son''s name while he''s serving an Mission for the church, doesn''t pay it back and ruins his credit. Just an FYI carma will be a real BITCH!!!

dear X friend I didn't go to your wedding because you only call me when you want something. including wedding connections 4 free I'm done

ugh bf stop sneaking your stuff over to my house you don't live there

stop telling me that you''re still living with your "roommate" you''re still married... As well as living with her boyfriend and her mom because you want to be there for your boys. You can be there for your kids without being in that situation...

dear boss, stop taking things out on me especially when there''s no way I could have controlled the situation. You''ve made me cry 4 times in a week, not to mention when people hear you talk down to me, they ask if I''m okay!

to the Aholes stealing military pics and creating fake profiles to scam ppl out of $, you need to be taken out back! F off!

Dear teenagers in Riverton stop driving so irresponsible. Instead of driving fast because you''re running late just wake up on time now a lots of us our going to be late due to your stupid choice.

dear boyfriend, stop being so cheap! I won't be around forever

stop taking your girlfriend for granted. Plan dates and step it up!!

dear semi truck drivers,dont ride my bumper because you're in a rush

I work inventory. Can't find 12 6oz goof off cans. Where the flip are you!! Hope this text gets it out of the shadows

you're f****** disgusting you sleep around with so many different people and you get your cousin pregnant #inbred is not Best

hey baby daddy way to let your adulterating girlfriend ruin what we had. Her insecurity's are not my problem!! #getadivorce #getalife

yes your son is gay and dating Me. I am a successful and good person to date. Quit being a B! Everyone else is ok with it and loves us, learn from your kids.

dear personal trainer. Why are you condescending to people just trying to get in shape. This is why it takes people so long to Start a change

I get that you're my boyfriend but sometimes I need a couple days away from you. If we spend 24 seven together I need some me time. Back off sometimes.

put down your phone & pay attention 2 your daughters that came for weekend. You only see them once a month, how hard is it to be a dad for 2 days?

Video taping someone without consent while having sex is illegal. Too bad your friends hate you and have gone to the police with all the information.

hey boyfriend sister! You have the worst grammar I''ve ever heard, you''re making your kids sound very unintelligent and uneducated. We went to the same school! How are you so stupid?

I love how students are so willing to meet up and work on assignments when they don''t know what to do but the moment they do they never want to show up to group meetings and help others.

Hey boss, we like you, but you''re about to lose your good workers because you keep making us do our work plus our coworkers''. Stop punishing your good workers with more work.

Mom, you kept my real dad from me and had my stepdad adopt me. He was an alcoholic and I developed epilepsy due to stress. Stop playing the victim.

look female I don''t want my ex back and if I did I would take him back. I''m tired of you making things uncomfortable for my kids and you wanna cry that you can feel comfortable in "your home" get a job and focus on your relationship...maybe things could ACTUALLY work out. It sucks you can''t have a good relationship, don''t hate how we co parent!!!!

F@@@ng EX mother in law. I hope you burn in hell. I''ve been warned about the scheme you''re planning to trap me and give your good for nothing son full custody of my child. Fuck you corrupted bitch!!! Immigration will be very interested to find out how you became a permanent document

To my kid's stepmom, stop trying to replace me and talking crap on me to my kid. My kid hates you, but won't tell you to your face.

We get it you had a baby naturally I wanted the drugs so I could careless stop acting like your better than me.

I've been asking politely for you to get a job to help with bills. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A JOB!

Mom stop complaining about my tattoo when you have your lips and eyebrows tatted.

Dear office coworker. If you don''t stop blowing your nose 1,000 times a day I''m going to take those tissues and shove them down your throat. You''renot even sick but your sickening us all out.

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