TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a famous person on your flight?

Angie Everheart

was on a flight with the entire Kardashian clan to Australia. It was for my husbands work so we were flying first class with them. It was right after she announced her divorce from Chris humphries. I got in trouble for taking a pic

brother sat next to Kyle whittingham and had a long conversation with him. No idea who he was till he got off and some one told him.

Sat next to Niki Taylor in 1995...Niki Taylor!...out of Atlanta after spending a few days in Key West...fell asleep five minutes later the entire way. Missed my chance. Lol

Jesse Duke when I was 10 yrs old. He was awesome to us giving six little girls his autograph and asking us questions. Fun memory.

Zack Morris! I don''t know his real name... haha. The tween girl inside of me was soooo excited. I kept waiting for Kelly Kapowski to get on the flight, but she never showed up! Haha.

use to fly about 4-5 flights a week. I have been on the same flight Ben Stiller, Dwayne Johnson, and Ron white. During last year hurricane season I sat next to Anderson cooper headed to FL. And not famous but cool was the ceo of ugg shoes.

Willie from duck dynasty was on my flight really cool

Flew to Spain with Bruce Jenner - mom said he was a wife beater, I wanted an autograph Also flew with Gloria Gaynor from Det to NY

Hines Ward wide receiver of the Steelers . I met him at Popeyes in the Airport and I said Hi then he ended up sitting next to me on the flight coolest and chill guy. It was a pleasant surprise

Sean white the snow boarder. He told my 4 year old niece she was the cutest little girl he'd ever seen. Super nice

My Dad sat next to hulk hogan once. Ever since then he calls himself the ultimate male

my dad saw mr T on a plane in Vegas as a kid.

We had the Original - Batman , Adam West on our flight! Iconic! Very nice man.

all of black eyed peas

Paris Hilton! When she was cool.

Flew from Denver to Fargo with Nick Offerman. He was going Bass fishing!

I was on a flight with former President Jimmy Carter. He walked the plane and shook everyone’s hand. He ended up in coach while I was in first class with 2 of his secret service guys.

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