TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Free For All

The latest thing health insurance is doing: approving a surgery and then the day before the surgery calling and canceling the approval. My husband is a doctor and he gets at least one or two a week. These poor people!

Work in a grocery store. Its disgustingly dirty. Always wash your produce thoroughly when taking it home. You could be eating some nasty stuff

own a laundry service some people complain about the price It's $30 for a bag which is 3/4 loads worth. K it takes gas, time, water, supplies to do all

work in college admissions. If parents and students are headaches we will make a note of it on your record.

inventory for flooring. We write off millions of products each year. We lose stuff every week. No idea where it goes.

As an X-ray tech, I secretly hope that when you come in with an injury, that your bones are broken. The worse the break the better my night goes. Haha

I work retail and I really hate when Customers mess up a pile and working on so I will purposely go into school right next to them and fold the pile next to them To get them to stop

I''m a phlebotomist and when people ask me if "I''m good?" I want to jack them up. Don''t ask me that, I always try and do my best. And yes I''m good!

I am a therapist at a treatment center for substance-abuse always ask for copies of what they are saying to your insurance company. Insurance fraud is huge with many treatment centers but not all

work in the film industry. Filming a Christmas movie in July. Wearing a thick wool coat and scarf and boots in 100 degree weather and having to act like it''s cold. Not so glamorous.

I'm an athletic trainer and parents are just the worst. No, I can't just tape it up. Your kid isn't going to the big leagues so let him heal dammit!

work in optical industry, just because a lens costs a lot does not mean it will work for you.

used to work in retail and we weren''t allowed to buy new items for 2 weeks. So we would hide what we wanted in the stock room so we knew our itemswouldn''t sell. Even the managers did it!!

I clean peopled houses for a living and you can really get to know some people just by the way they keep their house!! One of my clients is a singlemale older that lives by himself in a huge house and every week I go it''s a disaster ALL OVER garbage cans are overflowing Etc I don''t know how one man can do that in a week!!

listen to your 911 dispatcher. Don't be rude. We will find you and make a case out of you.

work in admissions in a hospital ER if u come in and give false info I can skip trace the name u give and verify ss# address and dob so you can't lie

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