TEXT TOPIC: Did someone have you committing crimes as a kid?

gam gam watched my kids & would store stolen goods in the stroller! Wondered why kids had new toys daily OMG gam gam!

in early 90s my best friends sister wanted us to go get her something at the mall. Didn’t give us money and told us to just get it. So we stole the stuff and then it became a habit to always go there and steal things. Parents eventually found out

My brothers ex was a doctor. She would call in rx''s in my name and have me give them to her. She would say she had a migraine and couldn’t write one for herself. I was 18 and had no clue!

My husbands father used to steal everything. He''s s construction worker and would steal tools, air conditioners, even toilet paper. He used to make my husband, his son steal tools and took belts so he had better tools to use for work

My kids step mom got caught with my kids stealing. Was having my kids sit on the merchandise in the carts. And stuff up their shirts

My babysitter would always have me steal her candy and stuff. She said if an adult told you to, it was ok to take it

at the age 14 my dad would have me blow in his car breathalyzer so his car would start

My dad had me and my siblings drive for him starting at age 14 for him because when we went somewhere with he would always get to drunk to drive us home.

mom made me put boxes of tobacco and other items into the prison garden truck so her bf could sell them in the prison.

when I was 10 my mom took me out and taught me how to steal. She was the getaway car when I stole a 10 speed bike. I stole a juice machine from the Holiday Inn and bedspreads etc. I once had 14 bikinis. What I was 18 I realized it was wrong and never did it again.I’m now in my 50''s

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