TEXT TOPIC: Are you jealous of your bestie's new friend?


Totally guilty bestie moved 4 hours away get jealous seeing all the pictures... our boys were supposed to grow up together and be besties too

my bestie got her nose pierced with another friend. They posted it to Insta and I have yet to acknowledge it.

My bestie has starting getting really buddy buddy with my abusive ex. Not only am I jealous, I'm confused and really hurt.

My bestie & I had a class in college together. She made a friend & decided 2do a project w/her. I overreacted & yelled then who am I supposed to do it with!

My friend has another friend Julie. Every time she talks about hanging out with her I think of that "Friends" episode. I get jealous definitely.

2 of my BFFs moved out of state. I routinely remind them (individually) that no one will as cool a bestie as me. I dont even want my 2 besties becoming besties LOL #MYPRECIOUS

my best friend and I have been friends for 33 years. we live in different states now and we understand that we are going to have substitute best friends as long as everybody understands they are substitutes.

bff started hanging out with "Tina" >" all going out to a party one night and Tina called shot gun in the car. Super pissed and drunk texting bff the whole time telling her I just wanted to pull her pony tail off her head from the backseat. It''s my bff back off lady

my bff all of high school, she was a year older and when she graduated she made a new college friend on her team and it was all about her in every story.

My best buddy since 5th grade. He goes golfing with work buddies and I'm like WTF "After all we've been through?! You didn't invite me"!

one of my best friends hangs out more with friends she makes at work and constantly posts on social about them. Then when we hang out nothing. Definitely makes me jealous and like we arent best friends anymore

I was the one who got a new friends and my BFF became catty and passive aggressive and eventually vicious. We’re not longer friends because of how she acted.

best friend text me that she cried to our other best friend when someone called me and 2 other girls "the trio".

my bestie is a friend whore. If she starts a new job I'll text her to wish her good luck but tell her not to meet any new friends.

my coworker girl friends get mad when I talk to other people and they think that they are trying to steal me from them and they get super jealous. And I am 26 and they r in there 50s

My bestie brought a new girl to a party. It was OK till she pushed me and told me to move. Gloves came off and I told that B to get out of my way. When it came to leave, I gave my friends hugs and that fake girl thought she was going to get one. I looked at her and laughed then walked out.

I''m the new bestie! My friends old high school friend doesn''t like that we''re really good friends now. She''s even gone so far as to not like any pictures she posts with me in them and won''t come to an upcoming party

Me and my bestie have been friends since kindergarten we are now 23 and we are definitely guilty of this we are always calling each other out about the "OTHER Friend" Our boyfriend''s laugh at usall the time and say why can''t we have other best friends but we say NOPE can''t happen!

Chica is her name. Had the same hair cut at the time, cute younger version.Works with her, I have definitely been outed. Chica!

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