TEXT TOPIC: What is your funny auto-correct text story?

If I put too many O's in the word "good" my phone would autocorrect to homophobic. Hi how are you? Oh I'm homophobic.

autocorrect always effing up my text when I'm trying to cuss

I tried to say that I was ornery and autocorrect put it to horny. It was to my wife’s friend who I would never think of like that ever. She still gives me a hard time about it. No pun

My wife and I text sweet little nothings all the time and my favorite autocorrect was "I ducking love you!"

one time I was trying to text my friend I’m almost to bangeter and it typed I’m almost to Bangladesh

autocorrect fail: texting "I'm taking some samples to Beth" became "I'm taking some samples of meth" lol

when my sister-in-law was dating her husband she got hurt on a four-wheeler and I asked her if she was at least getting cripple treatment. She tried to say her boyfriend was helping her and it came across that he was humping her

I worked with a doctor to get him into a new hospital. I asked him how he was enjoying the new hospital and he replied with "I’m enjoying my wiener at Sacred Heart"

Trying to send "not a big deal though!" Auto correct sent "not a big dildo!" Thank you auto correct!

asked my daughter to stop and get me a HORCHATA. Auto correct sent can you get me whore chocolate

My friend's husband owns a fencing company and we need a small job done, but my phone auto-corrected "small" ....so I asked her "Does Jason do anal jobs?"

A/C FAIL I meant to text my brother *shut up- the auto correctput sh*t up=. My brother texted back saying "hmm..that makes sense coming from you--potty mouth!

My friend asked where I was and I answered the Wendover N word... Meant Nugget.

Was at a basketball game with fans throwing things. My sister texted me to say that she said Mom hoped I wasn''t throwing thongs. Immediately followedwith THINGS I MEANT THINGS

I have a friend called Kinley, I was texting another friend, saying we needed to get Kinley, but it autocorrected to Kinky...

My name is Jennifer but I go by Jen. Auto correct always wants to call me Ken! No, I do not have gender identity and no, I haven''t changed my name. Stoopid autocorrect!!!!!

try to say hey baby girl came out hey baby gorilla

my boss asked to see me in her office and I said yeah ill be there in a sex instead of sec =)

my dad accidentally sent orgasm instead of organ to our bishop. Because of autocorrect

I was texting my mother and we had plans to go eat sooo instead of "I'm hungry" i put "I'm horny" let's just say my mom still hasn't let me forget

my daughter had a headache at school. The nurse told her to have her dad send a text saying it was okay to have aspirin. A few minutes later thanthe nurse called dying laughing. His text actually said she could have ASS PRINTS at school. :-)

Husband's name is John. My kids' pediatrician is Dr. Johnson. Autocorrect caused me to send the pediatrician a sext. Thankfully the doctor ignored it

My phone always says DickDogs when I want to say DockDogs---oh I can't forget the great fail of dick diving illusions instead of dock diving

I was texting my fianc yesterday about wedding plans, and hesays. "Babe I love how f*cked up you are about the wedding" haha hemeant PUMPED UP! = "that escalated quickly!"

my dad asked me to come here, I replied OK, just a sec- it put just a sex. Just having that word in a text to my dad it's humiliating

We used to get together with my sis in law to watch Dexter, she text my husband and I and said are you guys coming over for SEX. Haha

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