TEXT TOPIC: Does someone keep calling you the wrong name?

my sons name is Keanu. He gets called canoe or Kenew all the time even after I correct them.

Ex-Husband''s father would never get my name right. The man was not a senior or hard-of-hearing. My name is Charity and he would call me Chastity or Chasity. SMH!

I teach tumbling. Just yesterday one of the parents called me Heather. My name is Mindy. I have no idea where Heather came from. I was so shocked that I didn''t correct

my name is Karl. Hispanic co workers call me Carlos or Charles. Customers call me Kyle, Carlos or Karol!

My mom is a twin and her grandfather called them the wrong name for 20 years until they corrected him

My parents have been married for almost 16 years. My grandpa (mom's dad) still calls my dad Greg...his name is Craig. We've tried telling him

My coworker has been called mary by 1 of the psychiatrists at work for months. No one is correcting him so he just keeps calling her Mary

My coworker who I see 3x a week for 2 years asks me EVERY TIME what my name is. She thinks it's an endearing quality of her own but it's def not

my first name is the same as my last name. It confused people so I get called the wrong first name ALL the time because apparently it''s just too hard to remember the same name twice.

my name is Cassie. I get Kathy, Ashley, Chelsee. I've given up. They still don't hear it right after I correct them haha

My son worked at a dealership at the time and his boss could not for the life of him get his name right his name is Jayden and he called him Jaron. So it was an ongoing joke there and everybody called him Jaron. His boss would always call him over the speaker Jaron Jaron come upfront.

I work with the elderly and 9/10 times they call my Aubrey and my name is Abby. After a week I gave up correcting the old folks

my name is Rikki. I get called Nicky and Vicki. The kicker... I WEAR A NAME TAG and they still get it wrong

My name is Melissa. And ppl always call me Michelle. I don''t care. I just respond to it. = It happens all the time. Now other ppl correct them for me.

been called "Kevin" for 5 years by a co worker I've told them my name is Devin many times. I gave up.

People call me Kelsey all the time when my name is Chelsea

my name is Kaiya (Ky-ya) and one of my friends calls me Kira. I've tried correcting her multiple times but she won't stop

my name is Luis (Loo-ees) everybody calls me Lewis

My names Reggie. Easy right. Wrong I am called Richard or Rodger all the time. What the flip. Don't just throw out a name that start with a R

My name is Laycee and I worked with this lady everyday for two years and when I first started I corrected her twice on my name and she still called me Lexi. I obviously gave up and went by Lexi and Laycee

this is Ryan's coworker. I have corrected the other person. She felt bad. Thanks for making it a whole segment!

I had a "friend" I called Pam for YEARS!! Never corrected me, her name is Tammy!!! Her husband corrected me...I was relieved and upset she never corrected me! I blame her!

I wear a freaking name tag and people can't get my name right! Hey kelly, keecy, kela, no hey MY NAME IS KELCI! "Kelsey" my mom just spelled it strange

my name is Adrian and a lady I work with just can''t get it right and always calls me Andrea, I finally just let it go and answer her when she calls me Andrea.

i called my next door neighbor Jenessa for months, her name is Alyssa. She just now is telling me (hand to face)

my name is Jose and my coworker calls me hector and we've worked together over a year

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